Our Car-Mart customers share their experience with us and tell us how easy it is to buy our quality used cars and how easy the approval process was.
“After 15 years of doing business with CAR-MART I recommend them to everyone.”
“I got two cars from CAR-MART; they have been wonderful and willing to work with me.”
“"I am buying my first car from CAR-MART and I like the service they are giving me"”
CAR-MART of Rogers & Tuscaloosa Customers

“We have purchased 9 vehicles from Car-Mart. We bought our first one from CAR-MART of Rogers, AR and continued to buy from them for many years. Even when we moved to New Mexico, we drove 12 hours to go back there because we knew we could trust the staff. Now that we have moved to Georgia, we shortened our trip and drove 4 hours to the Tuscaloosa, AL lot where we were again treated like family. CAR-MART should teach other dealers on how to do business. They always listen to us, and that is wildly important.”

- Brian & Susan Lewis
5 Time CAR-MART of Claremore Customer

“I was down on my luck and CAR-MART was there when I needed a car and other car lots would not help me. The people at the Claremore lot always treat you like family and are there for you. When something goes wrong they take care of it right away.”
CAR-MART of Batesville, AR Customer

“My wife and I bought our first car during a Working Days Sale. At that time, I was working in a factory and everything was going well. Not long after that, the factory closed down and I was laid off. CAR-MART worked with us to help us keep our car. One week we were having trouble coming up with our payment and one associate told me, “We are in the business of selling cars, not repossessing them.” We have now been buying cars from them for over 5 Years, and their kindness and support will keep us happy customers for many more years. We thank everyone at CAR-MART of Batesville.”
2 Time CAR-MART of Carthage Customer

“I have purchased two cars and the thing I like about CAR-MART is they make you feel they care about you. People can't go wrong with CAR-MART. Customer Service is what I really like. ”

- Quinton Alame
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