A Story of Survival and Compassion

Car-Mart Customer Shares her Story

Frances with her daughter

It all happened so fast.

Last November 15, Frances Rogers learned she had stage 3B, grade 3 breast cancer, an aggressive and invasive cancer. On November 24, she learned she was going to lose her right breast. On December 1, she lost both breasts.

On February 9, Frances will receive her last chemo treatment, which will be followed by 16 weeks of radiation. And to think that last July, when she initially learned she had cancer, she was told ‘there’s nothing to worry about.’

While things are still moving quickly, Frances maintains a positive attitude. “It’s all good. I get the opportunity to open the best two gifts from God – my two eyes,” remarks Frances, while adding they removed all the tumor and cancer. After five years, she has an 86 percent survival rate.

Frances in the hospital getting her chemo treatment
Frances in the hospital getting her chemo treatment

“This has been life-changing and eye-opening. God gave me a chance,” Frances adds. “I woke up from chemo and looked around at the other people. I realized I have it easy. I get to walk in and out of chemo. I thought it wasn’t fair, but it’s part of life, and I have a great support system in my family.”

Frances is a single mother to three children; Ian, 22; Blaine, 18 and Mahala, 11. “Mahala is my rock,” she says. “Of course, she thought I was going to die, and I told her this wasn’t going to get me. She said I was her hero, and that I’m the strongest person she knows.”

America’s Car-Mart is there for Frances

It was just a few weeks before Frances learned about her fast-spreading cancer that she purchased a vehicle at Car-Mart of Russellville South. “I didn’t even have time for a payment, and then all this happened,” Frances recalls. “I did get behind on my payments, but Car-Mart re-structured my payments. I needed my car to get back and forth to my cancer treatments.”

Because Frances, a home health nurse, cannot work, Car-Mart also modified her original agreement to accommodate her situation.

Throughout Frances’ ordeal, the Car-Mart team checks on her after every chemo treatment. “They have compassion. They are the true meaning of family,” says Frances. “They have been amazing.”

Yes, Frances has Car-Mart.

“We are gracious enough to have a customer like Frances, and we’re honored to help Frances in her time of need,” says Jesse Price, General Manager, Russellville South. “Compassion is one of our company’s core values, and that serves as one of our guideposts in our everyday work.”

Jesse Price, General Manager, Russellville South
Jesse Price, General Manager, Russellville South

“We live by compassion,” Jesse continues. “And it’s not that hard to do the right thing when it’s time to do the right thing.”

“It touches my heart, because in a world full of hate and of people who don’t care, a company doesn’t have to care, but America’s Car-Mart does, and it truly shows in how they worked with me through my ordeal,” Frances concludes. “I can’t say enough good things about the people at Car-Mart of Russellville South. They’re a great group of people!”

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