A Tribute to Hispanic Heritage Month

A Conversation with Alejandro Ortega

Alejandro Ortega, Car-Mart Sales Associate

When Alejandro Ortega was 20 years old, he came to the United States to buy a car. He bought a 1981 Mercury Cougar, and he stayed for a year. Back in Mexico, he met a beautiful lady, Rosaura. They married, and they moved to America in 1989.

Fast forward to today, Alejandro and Rosaura have two beautiful children, Alexander, 17-years- old, and Laura, 25-years-old. Plus, Alejandro is a successful Sales Associate at America’s Car-Mart of Rogers, Ark. where he has sold thousands of vehicles to hard-working people.

Alejandro "Alex" with his daughter, Laura; son, Alexander; and wife, Rosaura
Alejandro “Alex” with his daughter, Laura; son, Alexander; and wife, Rosaura

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re proud to honor Alejandro for his many contributions to our company. And we are proud to celebrate the influence the Hispanic culture and contributions have on our company and communities.

We recently asked Alejandro to share what he loves about his Hispanic heritage. Learn more about Alejandro:

What does your Hispanic heritage mean to you? What makes you most proud of your culture?

I am incredibly proud to be Hispanic. We are hard-working people, and whatever I do, I do my best. Our parents showed us the way with their hard work, and we follow in their footsteps.

Alejandro "Alex" with his father, daughter, wife and son
Alejandro “Alex” with his father, daughter, wife and son

Plus, we take care of our fathers and grandfathers, and mothers and grandmothers. We don’t put our family in nursing homes. We prefer to care for them ourselves.

What are some of your favorite Hispanic traditions and memories?

When I was a kid in Mexico City, we had many different traditions. My favorite time is Christmas. In Mexico, we started the Christmas season on December 16 by making posadas, and we celebrated until Christmas Day. Singing. Pinatas. Candy for the kids. It’s a really nice time.

My favorite Hispanic food is romeritos with mole. Unfortunately, it’s hard to make here because it takes special spices.

My favorite Hispanic music is cumbia. When I was a teenager, I liked to go dancing and that’s the music they played in Mexico City.

Why is Hispanic Heritage Month important to you?

Because, as Hispanics, we need to let others – Americans, Asians and others – know who we are. We are good people, and we have a lot to offer. With our celebrations, we can show them who we are.

How will you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? How do you stay connected to your roots?

At Car-Mart, we will celebrate with Hispanic promotions. At home, I’ll make carne asada and celebrate with my family. I stay connected by helping people and being there for them. I have a lot of relationships with Hispanics in my job.

Moving to you personally, what’s your Car-Mart story?

I joined Car-Mart of Rogers in 2008 where I became a Sales Associate. Car-Mart gave me the opportunity and since then, I have sold thousands of cars. I like the people and I get to meet a lot of different people.Alejandro Ortega, Car-Mart Sales Associate

How would you encourage other Hispanics to consider a career at Car-Mart?

If you want a career, Car-Mart is a great place to work. Start detailing cars and grow up in the company. With hard work, you can do a lot of things at Car-Mart.

What can we do to create a more inclusive world?

It’s simple – be nice to each other.

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