Car-Mart’s General Managers Talk Peace of Mind

Keeping You on the Road

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When you buy a car, you want to be sure it’s the right car at the right price with the right payments. It’s a big deal and a major purchase.

That’s why we – at America’s Car-Mart – go above and beyond to personally help you through the car-buying process. We’ll work with you even if you are credit-challenged. We’ll help you find the right vehicle. We’ll determine an affordable payment plan that meets your needs and budget. And, after the sale, if something happens, we’re there for you.

Once you buy a car from Car-Mart, you become part of our family. Our goal is to keep you on the road; thus, offering you peace of mind. And you can buy with confidence with our Peace of Mind package.

Recently we asked several of our General Managers (GM) – our associates who run our stores – to talk about how they and Car-Mart deliver peace of mind to our customers. For one GM, it started before he joined the Car-Mart family. For another, it occurred when she helped her first customer. And, for others, it’s how Car-Mart does business, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out what our GMs have to say about peace of mind when you buy a vehicle from Car-Mart.

How does Car-Mart provide peace of mind to its customers?

April Renfro, GM at Car-Mart of the Edmond, Okla.
April Renfro, GM at Car-Mart of the Edmond, Okla.

It’s hard to put into words how Car-Mart provides peace of mind. It’s more of what we show and offer our customers – compassion, loyalty, quality vehicles, service contract and so much more.

Our customers are a NAME, not a number or A CAR. So, when you come into my Car-Mart, I will greet you by your name. One thing my Car-Mart mentors have instilled into me is to never ask customers, ” What kind of car they drive” when discussing a customer’s account.

That’s why we always know our customers’ names, from the customers who pay on time to the customers who struggle with each payment. I have spent my career managing my customers this way and have also trained my associates in the same direction.

Car-Mart’s culture dates to the 1980s. As times have changed and as we have adapted to the changing times, one thing has remained the same – Car-Mart is centered around the customer.

April Renfro, Car-Mart of Edmond, Okla

Why is offering peace of mind important to Car-Mart?

One of our Car-Mart values is ‘compassion.’ So, offering peace of mind goes back several decades at Car-Mart. Well after the dust settles and the world goes back to its normal running pace [after the COVID-19 pandemic], Car-Mart will still be that family dealership that changes lives when no one else is there.

This is a big deal to us at Car-Mart because you are not just a payment, an account, or a customer. You are a part of something so much greater. When you purchase a vehicle at Car-Mart, you become a part of our family for life. You’re our family, and family holds one another up when you are down and praises you when you are up. No matter what.

What was the moment when you discovered that Car-Mart delivers peace of mind?

Falonda Harris, GM at Car-Mart of Florence, Ala.
Falonda Harris, GM at Car-Mart of Florence, Ala.

I joined the Car-Mart family in 2013. At first, I questioned my decision. However, when I was able to help my first customer, I knew this was the career for me. All I needed to see was the relief on a customer’s face when he discovered I wanted to help him stay in his vehicle rather than cut ties when he wasn’t able to make his payment because he was being laid off from his job.

I have been offered jobs at other dealerships over the years, but I tell them it’s not about the money, it’s about the fact that Car-Mart allows me to change people’s lives on a daily basis. This is the peace of mind that we, as a Car-Mart family, offer to our customers. It’s in our DNA.

Thanks to all customers for being a part of our Car-Mart family. If you’re not a part of our family, come on and join us. We have a lot to offer you.

Falonda Harris, Car-Mart of Florence, Ala.

Define peace of mind when it comes to buying a quality, used vehicle at Car-Mart.

Shaun Haynie, GM at Car-Mart of Magnolia, Ark.
Shaun Haynie, GM at Car-Mart of Magnolia, Ark.

Speaking from personal experience and before I joined Car-Mart, I was a repeat customer of Car-Mart. Through the years, I bought six vehicles from Car-Mart, and each experience was peaceful and not at all stressful. Quick, fast, simple and easy.

Additionally, I never had any major issues with communications or service at Car-Mart. When a situation surfaced, I just called Car-Mart and we talked. We put our heads together and found a resolution.  That’s why I kept buying from Car-Mart. They were there for me. My kids are now driving some of the vehicles I bought at Car-Mart.

Now that I’m a General Manager, I get to deliver this kind of service to my customers. If you wreck your car and it’s totaled out and insurance doesn’t cover it, our Accident Protection Plan covers the balance. Everything we do is for the benefit of our customers. So, bottom line – when a customer buys a vehicle from Car-Mart, that customer gets peace of mind.

Shaun Haynie, Car-Mart of Magnolia, Ark.

How is Car-Mart and peace of mind synonymous?

Larry Stubblefield, GM at Car-Mart of Lebanon, Mo.
Larry Stubblefield, GM at Car-Mart of Lebanon, Mo.

Car-Mart and peace of mind are synonymous in two ways. Number one, we will work with you to get you in a vehicle. Number two, we will keep you in your car and we are here for you after you purchase your vehicle. Unlike other dealerships, we will sit down with you on an individual basis and figure out a way to finance your vehicle, even if you are credit challenged.

Plus, our Service Contract Plus will help cover the cost of unexpected vehicle repairs. And, if necessary, we can help restructure your loan if emergencies arise in your life.

Car-Mart and peace of mind go hand in hand in other ways, also. Since we have been around a while [since 1981], we are now selling cars to the kids of moms and dads we have previously sold to – so you know who you are dealing with when you come to Car-Mart. And, finally, we are part of the community. We care about our communities and we take great pride in giving back to various organizations. We are a community partner, and we will be your partner, too.

Larry Stubblefield, Car-Mart of Lebanon, Mo.

How does Car-Mart lead other dealerships when it comes to peace of mind?

Jacob Terry, GM at Car-Mart of Springfield North, Mo.
Jacob Terry, GM at Car-Mart of Springfield North, Mo.

Peace of mind is a mental state of calmness or tranquility, freedom from worry, and anxiety. Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situations that threaten your peace of mind, self-respect, values, morals, or self-worth.

I believe Car-Mart leads other dealerships in peace of mind when we do this because we dedicate our company’s mission, vision, and values to our daily lives and in helping our customers.

At Car-Mart, we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and establish our true human ability to care for people in general. We are empathetic to a customer’s personal situation. We will listen and develop a solution. We strive to do our best to satisfy all our customers in every interaction. From the time of selling to collecting and reselling our customers, we want them to feel we are there for them and want the best for them.

Jacob Terry, Car-Mart of Springfield North, Mo.

What do customers look for when it comes to peace of mind and shopping at Car-Mart?

MaShonda Ayers, GM at Car-Mart of Athens, Ala.
MaShonda Ayers, GM at Car-Mart of Athens, Ala.

We want our customers to have a peace of mind about knowing that if anything ever happens to their vehicle, or loss of a job, or just struggling to make a payment, Car-Mart is here to help them. Our General Managers and associates will always be here to assist them in one way or another. Our customers are our family and our number one priority, and without them, we would not be where we are today. We deeply appreciate each one of our customers.

MaShonda Ayers, Car-Mart of Athens, Ala.

How do you provide customers with peace of mind when they purchase a vehicle from Car-Mart?

Matt Cook, GM at Car-Mart of Columbus, Miss.
Matt Cook, GM at Car-Mart of Columbus, Miss.

I have seen a lot of happy customers throughout the years. I have helped customers improve their credit, manage their budgets, or just help them be successful.

All their hard work can pay off when they get the title to their car. Daily, we help dozens of people at Car-Mart. They don’t think we can really help them, and we can. That’s how Car-Mart is different.

When someone walks through the door, we’re here for them. We’re here to help them through any difficult time. We’re going to be here for them through the future. Some customers are shocked that we’re able to get into a car when they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity.

Matt Cook, Car-Mart of Columbus, Miss.

Thanks to all our General Managers for sharing their thoughts and insights about how they deliver peace of mind to their customers. We’ve been in business since 1981, and we’ve sold affordable, quality, used vehicles to thousands of customers. Our commitment to our customers has not wavered since our beginning – our customers can get a good value and peace of mind for their money at Car-Mart. That’s why we like to say we’re the smart choice for our customers.

We invite you to come see what it’s like to be treated like family.

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