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Say Hello to our Newest Store Manager – Colin Murphy, Tyler, Texas

It was on a whim that Colin Murphy applied for a job at Car-Mart in 2016. Fast forward to today, Colin is Car-Mart’s newest store manager in Tyler, Texas.

“I really like cars so I thought I would give Car-Mart a try,” says Colin, a native of Murphy, Texas. “I, also, needed a ‘big-boy job.’ I needed to get something that would help me live better,” smiles Colin, who started as a Manager-in-Training in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Quickly, Colin discovered he had found his niche. He was intrigued by the car business. He realized he was going to like the job and the company on his first day. His General Manager made a strong impression on him in the way he approached his work and his customers. This experience helped shape and channel Colin’s burgeoning interest in Car-Mart and in helping customers.

After four months, Colin was promoted to Assistant Manager in Corsicana, Texas, where because of management changes, Colin found himself running his first Car-Mart for a few weeks. He then transferred to Ada, Oklahoma as General Manager.

Car-Mart offered Colin another challenge as General Manager in Tyler. “I did well enough to open up a new store in Tyler,” says Colin, who adds that he’s thrilled for the challenge and is excited to build relationships within the Tyler community. “I’m proud that Car-Mart has given me an opportunity to re-establish this store in a big market.”

For Colin, it’s all about relationships – his favorite aspect of working at Car-Mart. “I like meeting people and seeing how good and friendly they can be. I like to hear their stories. I like to meet their families and hear what’s important to them,” remarks Colin.

“So, I’m ready and waiting to meet our Tyler customers and put our Tyler customers at the wheel of a budget-friendly vehicle,” Colin says.

When it comes to customer service, Colin believes in a no-pressure approach. “If you have good inventory with quality vehicles, they’ll sell themselves. When you offer help and answer questions, you can be much more helpful and welcoming,” he reveals. “I’ll try not to make decisions for customers. Just go drive it and make sure it’s [the vehicle] awesome.”

Colin Murphy Car-Mart of Tyler Texas Sitting in Chevy TahoeColin brings his love of vehicles to car shopping for Car-Mart’s customers. “I enjoy finding good deals on good vehicles so we can pass our savings on to our customers,” Colin remarks. “I look for really nice quality cars, really good transportation, comfortable, nice to look at and easy on the eyes.”

Speaking of ‘easy on the eyes,’ Colin owns his ‘dream ride’ – a tan, two-door 1997 Tahoe, 5.7 L 350-motor, 4X4. “It just rolled over 230,000 miles during my move to Tyler, and it’s still running like a monster.

“I’ve always liked the way the Tahoe looks. It’s pretty slick,” continues Colin. “The motors are stupid 230,000 miles, and it runs great. The inside is clean. I’m never going to sell it. Even if the motor blows, I’m going to drive it forever.”

Colin Murphy Car-Mart of Tyler Texas Playing SaxophoneWhen he’s not enjoying his Tahoe, Colin enjoys playing music with friends. He’s played the saxophone since the fourth grade. He studied Music at Texas A&M-Commerce and he’ll play any kind of music – blues, jazz, rock. His favorite songs are ones written by him and his friends. “We’re perfectionists. We continually tweak our songs,” he says.

Colin is also an avowed Texas Rangers fan, having enjoyed family time by going to games. “My dad wanted to make sure we were there for big moments. We were there for the retirement of Nolan Ryan’s number,” recalls Colin. “Pretty cool.”

Inspired by his family, Colin strives to be successful like his parents. He’s well on his way, and now, Colin has found his home in Tyler. And, he can’t think of a better place to be – working for Car-Mart.

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