Tiffany May, Manager at Car-Mart of Bryant.

Opportunity, Family and Making a Difference

Tiffany May touts the Car-Mart difference in Bryant, Arkansas.

Tiffany May was searching for a career with potential for growth, to be part of a close-knit team, and a chance to make a difference in people’s lives. This is what Car-Mart means to Tiffany – opportunity, family and helping people. As the manager of the newest Car-Mart in Bryant, Arkansas, she’s found her sweet spot.

“I love to touch lives of people because they, then, in turn, touch my life. Joining a company that took me from entry level to where I am now is probably the most amazing thing I could ever ask for,” says Tiffany, who purchased a vehicle from Car-Mart a month before joining Car-Mart as an Account Representative in Searcy, Ark. in June 2017.

Tiffany May, Manager at Car-Mart of Bryant.
Tiffany May, Manager at Car-Mart of Bryant.

“I feel pretty accomplished to be where I am. I’m excited to open this store and grow it into what we know it can be.” says Tiffany. For Car-Mart’s youngest dealership manager at 23-years-old, she’s enthusiastic about her career prospects and the success of her store.

Tiffany, a native of McCrory, Ark., assumed responsibility as manager of the Bryant store in January 2019, and she’s not looking back. “My favorite part of the business is meeting new people. It’s so rewarding,” Tiffany says. “Many of our customers are first-time car buyers so when they come to Car-Mart, I’m able to show them what it’s like to buy a car and make the car-buying experience fun for them.”

Great cars and a friendly smile

It starts with quality, reliable cars, according to Tiffany. Car-Mart is diligent when purchasing the best vehicles for its customers. “Our purchasing agents know what to look for when buying vehicles. When I drive the cars, I look at the car like my customers do. The purchasing agent looks at the mechanics of the car,” says Tiffany, while adding that her Bryant Car-Mart offers a wide selection of vehicles.

After quality vehicles comes great customer service, Tiffany says. Car-Mart’s goal is for customers to have the best car-buying experience possible. Tiffany greets her customers with a friendly smile. “I show my customers I care and that I’m different from other car salespeople,” she says. “I listen to the needs of my customers and show them what they can afford. Bottom line, I make sure I’m there for my customers.”

The Car-Mart of Bryant team.
The Car-Mart of Bryant team. Tiffany, Manager, and Becky, Office manager.

Financing is another piece of the car-buying process and Car-Mart offers financing as a buy here pay here company. Tiffany and her team will work with customers so they can get behind the wheel of the car that’s best for their lifestyle. “We’ll get to know every person that walks through our doors, so we can better provide suggestions based on what type of vehicle they’re looking for,” comments Tiffany.

Once the sale is complete, Tiffany takes it one step further with her customers. Car-Mart is there for customers after the sale. “I check in with my customers to make sure they are happy with their purchase and to address any issues that may surface,” Tiffany comments. “We want to make sure customers are completely satisfied with their purchase for years to come, and we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that happens.”

Car-Mart has ‘curb appeal’

“My Car-Mart looks good,” Tiffany boasts of the beautiful landscaping surrounding the lot. “We have palm trees, shrubs and flower bushes. It’s different from other Car-Marts so it’s got a little extra curb appeal.”

Tiffany May, Manager at Car-Mart of Bryant.
Tiffany May, Manager at Car-Mart of Bryant.

Tiffany is excited to meet new people and she invites everyone to come see her and her team at her new home of opportunity, family and of helping customers. If you live in or near Bryant, Arkansas, let Tiffany and her staff welcome you to the Car-Mart family.

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