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New General Manager Armin Horn Preps Car-Mart of El Reno

Armin Horn, General Managers at Car-Mart of El Reno, OK

“Great cars outside and great people inside.”

That’s Armin Horn’s mantra for Car-Mart’s newest dealership in El Reno, Okla. “The product customers see outside is a great representation of Car-Mart and reflects what customers will find inside,” says the store’s General Manager. “This is going to be a great location to sell vehicles.”

“When you visit our El Reno lot, my team and I will do anything and everything to get you into a good vehicle while structuring a good deal,” he continues. “We will go above and beyond to get our customers into a vehicle.”

Armin Horn, General Managers at Car-Mart of El Reno, OK
Armin Horn, General Managers at Car-Mart of El Reno, OK

Currently, Armin is prepping the dealership from the ground up. Vehicles are being delivered. Associates are being hired and trained. “It’s like opening a brand-new business,” says Armin, who is proud to see his name on the door.

“It’s a great opportunity. I’m ecstatic about it. I have a constant smile on my face. It feels awesome to be General Manager at El Reno,” he remarks. “A lot of new things are happening with this store and I’m really excited about that.”

Armin joined Car-Mart in August 2019 as a Future Manager in Van Buren, Ark. where he was promoted to Assistant Manager in November. And now he’s happy to be in El Reno. Recently, Armin reflected on his Car-Mart journey so far:

Best Car-Mart memory

“Honestly, and I know it sounds like a cliché’, but I just love my job and I love coming to work. I love helping people. Selling someone a car and seeing their face light up is one of the best things I like to do. Helping people is one of my passions – that’s why I love coming to work.

Armin Horn, General Managers at Car-Mart of El Reno, OK
Armin Horn, General Managers at Car-Mart of El Reno, OK

I remember when a couple arrived at Car-Mart five minutes before closing. They rode in on a wrecker service, so they were desperate for a vehicle. The wife was frazzled thinking about getting her kids to school and to doctors’ appointments. I got them into a mid-priced vehicle for a super low-down payment and they have been great customers.

This was one of my moments of being able to take a bad situation and help people. And these customers are about to come back for a trade-in. All because of that one time we were able to help.”

Most proud Car-Mart moment

“The day I ran the Van Buren store by myself. All associates were out of the office. It was a Monday, and literally, I sold a car. It took three to four hours because I was taking payments and answering the phone. But the customer was one of the coolest customers ever.”

The moment Armin knew he made the right decision about working at Car-Mart

“It was the second week at Car-Mart. I really didn’t know a whole lot. But the office manager, Ms. Sally, took me under her wing. She answered all my questions. She trained me. By the end of the week, I was doing stuff. And it was her loving and family hospitality that let me know that I love this company and I love the people I work with. They made it what I had heard about Car-Mart, and that did it for me.

Plus, I enjoyed the Future Manager training. You get out of it what you put into it. I loved the training. Everyone was so nice to answer and help me and ensure I had the information to go through the program.”

From hard work and archery – Armin’s road to Car-Mart

Armin has a strong work ethic and isn’t afraid of hard work, thanks to his dad. From the age of 11, Armin roofed with his dad in his hometown of Mountainburg, Ark.

Armin's dad
Armin’s dad

“My dad wanted me to grow up and work my mind and not my body. His way of teaching was to show what true work really was,” says Armin.

“As a family, we grew up paycheck to paycheck. My dad worked hard to provide for us and I’m very honored to have him as my dad,” Armin continues. “And now I want to instill in my son those values and work ethic, and I want to give him a better life than I had.”

Prior to joining Car-Mart, Armin owned an archery business where he taught the sport. “Archery is something that takes skill and unfortunately, it is a dying art,” says Armin, who enjoys spending his spare time with his son, Kase, and his wife, Michaela.

Armin with his wife and son
Armin with his wife and son

Indeed, Armin has found his new work family at Car-Mart. He’s inspired every day he goes to work.

Armin is excited to meet new people and he invites everyone to come see him and his team at the all-new Car-Mart of El Reno. If you live in or near El Reno, let Armin and his staff welcome you to the Car-Mart family.

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