The Women of America’s Car-Mart

Female Leaders Find Success at Car-Mart

Women's History Month, some of the female general managers at Car-Mart

It’s Women’s History Month, a time to observe and celebrate the achievements of women and the vital role they play in our world, as well as in the automotive industry. That’s why at America’s Car-Mart, we are proud to recognize our 56 Managers and General Managers (the associates who run our dealerships). Their Car-Mart careers are about determination, advancement, and opportunity. They set goals, they work hard, they help others and they let others help them in their Car-Mart journeys.

And they’ve found their home at Car-Mart where they are unlocking their potential as leaders of our business. They have created better lives for themselves and their families.

We’re proud to be part of their success. Indeed, they have inspirational tales worth sharing – again. Check out the stories of our women Managers and General Managers.

Women’s Work – Stories from our Female Car-Mart General Managers


Amanda Forrester, General Manager at Car-Mart of Springfield SouthEarning a Promotion

“I think I’m going to do pretty well. I’ve had a lot of good, thorough training…My goal is to make this company better so I can better myself to help my customers. I love everything about this job.” Amanda Forrester, Springfield South, Mo.

Indeed, Amanda has done well at Car-Mart having recently been promoted to General Manager.


Colleen Goebel, General Manager at Car-Mart of ClarksvilleWorking at a High Level

“Here I am, doing what I’m supposed to and affecting the lives I’m supposed to affect. I can help my customers and associates and I have the opportunity to do that on a much higher level at Car-Mart,” Colleen Goebel, Clarksville, Ark.


Heather Horne, General Manager at Car-Mart of ChattanoogaWinning

“I came in committed, and I was determined not to fail. I was going to win. I would have been in the program 14 times over…One day, the light just came on, and I knew what I was doing. Why we do what we do. It’s a lot to learn. It literally all falls into place if you want to be a manager. And, fortunately, I have the right leaders and managers showing me the ropes…And now I just love this place.” Heather Horne, Chattanooga, Tenn.


Tiffany Hughes, General Manager at Car-Mart of HendersonFast Tracking to Success

“The company has faith in me, and I have the skill sets to progress…Car-Mart is a great company to work for and being at a place where you can truly impact people’s lives is awesome.” Tiffany Hughes, Henderson, Ky.


Krista Jimerson, General Manager at Car-Mart of ShawneePaying It Forward

“Car-Mart is not just about selling cars and collecting money,” says Krista. “It’s about our communities. Our customers work and live where we work and live. If it weren’t for the communities, we wouldn’t be here, and we want to do all we can to make our communities better.” Krista Jimerson, Shawnee, Okla.


April Renfro, General Manager at Car-Mart of EdmondHelping Others

“At Car-Mart, I’m able to help others. I can help someone with his or her first vehicle purchase or how to get by until his or her next paycheck. Being a GM for Car-Mart has given me the opportunity to be a mentor to my staff and maybe even to customers, just like I had during my career. To say I played a part in helping a struggling customer or a struggling associate – that’s huge for me. And that’s why I stick around.” April Renfro, Edmond, Okla.


Angela Selzer, General Manager at Car-Mart of GreenvilleBeing your Best

“Working for Car-Mart gives me a sense of belonging. This is a great company to work for and they push you to be the best you can be! I have a great circle of support from my peers and the associate support team. I am proud to be the GM in Greenville. It was a great road getting here.” Angela Selzer, Greenville, Texas.


Pat Stutsy-Waldrep, General Manager at Car-Mart of OxfordPaying it Forward

“When we can pass on the knowledge of this company, it’s helping our overall business. To know that I’m able to train future managers to become assistant managers and then become General Managers, that’s rewarding. Their advancement is important to me. I want them to go far in this company,” she says. “My mentees give me energy. And I enjoy seeing them succeed.” Pat Stutsy-Waldrep, Oxford, Miss. and Car-Mart’s 2020 Mentor of the Year.


Interested in a career at America’s Car-Mart? Check out our career section to find your next opportunity.

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