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Customer Chris Dale Shares Her Story About Selling Her Vehicle to Car-Mart

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Easy. Seamless. Positive.

Such are the three words that Chris Dale, Oxford, Miss., uses to describe the process of selling her vehicle to America’s Car-Mart.

Chris Dale in her carWhen Chris wanted to sell her son’s vehicle, she called Car-Mart of Oxford. Pat Stutsy-Waldrep, the store’s General Manager met Chris in a parking lot and test drove the vehicle. “We talked about the offer. The entire process couldn’t have been easier or better. It took 30 minutes,” says Chris, who sold a Buick Enclave to Car-Mart.

“Pat took care of all of it. Boom – done!” Chris adds. “I didn’t take off of work at all.” To complete the transaction, Pat delivered the paperwork to Chris for her signature, along with the check and drove away in Chris’s vehicle.

“There was no haggling. I had an amount I wanted to receive, and I got what I wanted,” says Chris, while adding that her vehicle did need a few new items. “I think my vehicle then sold within the week. It helps to have a car that’s marketable.”

“When I look to buy a car, I think about customers who may want to buy it. I, also, look at the beauty of the vehicle. In buying Chris’s car, I was excited for the family that bought the car because of its durability and even the color. It was an eye-appealing vehicle,” says Pat Stutsy-Waldrep, General Manager at Car-Mart of Oxford.Chris Dale with her dog

“We’re excited about buying cars so we can pay them forward – so to speak – to other customers. So, we invite customers to bring their vehicles to us. We’ll take a look at their car.  We’ll test drive it. We’ll make an offer. We’ll write a check and send the customer on their way. One, two, three – easy process,” Pat continues.

In fact, the process is so easy and stress-free that Chris is telling her friends to go to Car-Mart first if they need to sell their vehicles.

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