Chris Gunn

Welcome, Chris Gunn

Our New Director – Internal Procurement at America’s Car-Mart

There’s nothing better than welcoming a self-proclaimed ‘car guy’ to America’s Car-Mart. That’s why we’re delighted to have Chris Gunn join our Car-Mart family as Director of Internal Procurement. In this new role, Chris will work to strengthen Car-Mart’s relationships with marketplace and auction partners with the goal of streamlining the company’s liquidation process.

Chris’s first stint in the automotive industry was selling cars. He always wanted to be an auctioneer, so he trained to be a licensed auctioneer, and he managed a car auction. Chris was also fascinated with the wholesale side of the business, and he worked for BacklotCars and KAR Global.

Yet, he was intrigued by Car-Mart. Here’s what drew Chris to Car-Mart and what he envisions for our company.

Why are you excited to join America’s Car-Mart?

It’s a great opportunity. I want to work for a company that has upward momentum. The tenure at Car-Mart is unbelievable and that tells you a lot about Car-Mart. It says the company is doing something right, and that gives me comfort and security.

Plus, I want to do something special. This new department, Internal Procurement, will help to make positive changes for Car-Mart. And I want to be part of that. I want to help change an industry.

I’ve worked closely with Car-Mart for the past year to launch the Car-Mart / Backlot Car partnership. Through this relationship, I fell in love with the Car-Mart business model – just to see the way they treat their customers, and how they treat their associates even better. I liked the family atmosphere.

When you work that closely with a company, you can see their ins and outs, and that intrigued me. And I knew I wanted to be a part of the business. The timing was right. It feels right, and it feels like it’s family.

What are your hopes and dreams for you and America’s Car-Mart?

I want to help Car-Mart expand into an automotive powerhouse and help the business so they can better help customers.

I look forward to my future and growing with Car-Mart. I truly believe there is a lot of room for advancement at Car-Mart, and to help the company be more profitable.

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