Jesse Cloud, General Manager at America’s Car-Mart of Norman, Oklahoma

With a Winning Attitude

Jesse Cloud Brings Passion and Drive to Car-Mart of Norman

Jesse Cloud is anxious to open the doors at the newest America’s Car-Mart in Norman, Okla. He’s the General Manager, and he’s thrilled to deliver on Car-Mart’s mission of helping hard-working people get into quality, used vehicles.

When asked about this opportunity, here’s what Jesse wants his customers to know: “We’re here to help you in a variety of ways – in good times and even bad times. We will go above and beyond to keep you on the road,” he says.

In fact, the best thing about Car-Mart is the people, according to Jesse. “The thing that is unique about Car-Mart – it’s like family,” says Jesse. “Our customers are like family because we have a one-on-one relationship with them.”

And here’s what he wants his associates to know: “Every customer that walks in the door is a gift,” Jesse continues. “And we will go down every avenue to help our customers.”

Winning at Car-Mart

Jesse, who joined Car-Mart in September 2019 in Claremore, Okla., participated in the company’s Future Manager program before moving on to Owasso and Broken Arrow, Okla. He credits Michael Xiong, Broken Arrow General Manager, for coaching him and teaching him about being a successful general manager at Car-Mart.

It was during the training that Jesse realized Car-Mart was the place for him. When sadly, his brother, Smokey, passed away, the Car-Mart team helped him through the grieving process. “The way that Michael handled the situation, it was about my family,” says Jesse.

While at Broken Arrow, Jesse was part of the team that sold 10 cars on Saturday. “That was a great day,” says Jesse, while adding he appreciates this kind of winning culture. “Building a winning culture and a winning team and getting up every day to obviously work our company’s mission, vision and values – that’s fun!”

So, it’s no surprise that Jesse’s proudest Car-Mart moment has been watching his dealership grow – and helping make it happen.

And for Jesse, it’s also about helping people. Jesse remembers a customer who needed a vehicle for work. Life happened. Jesse found a truck for her and made it work. She made her payments on time. “When others would have turned her down, we helped her. And recently she returned to Car-Mart to make a trade. Her job has taken off and she’s very successful,” Jesse says.

The sky’s the limit at Car-Mart of Norman

As the leader at Car-Mart’s newest location, Jesse advocates for a fun unbeatable culture where associates love what they do, and if successful, results will follow. He will help his associates understand the company’s goals and how to achieve them.

“Car-Mart’s culture is a winning culture. I don’t get up every day to go to work for myself,” he says. “I get up every day for all the people – associates and customers – at Car-Mart.”

“You have to build a fun culture, build that relationship with your co-workers, build that camaraderie and that’s how you win. When you’re not selfish, when you get up for your customers, then the sky’s the limit,” says Jesse. “It’s leadership. It boils down to good leadership. People like leaders who coach and train.”

Jesse is inspired by the quote that guides his work and life – “Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all the time thing” by Vince Lombardi. With this as his guide, Jesse plans for his Car-Mart to be highly successful, a good place to work, and a great place for customers to purchase vehicles.

Humbled to be at Norman

“I appreciate the leadership of our company for believing in me and for giving me this opportunity. I thank Michael for leading me, teaching me, and giving me the opportunity to be in a position to run Norman. It’s a great situation. For me, life works in a funny way,” says Jesse, while adding that he and his brother were big Oklahoma Sooner fans.

So, as the GM at Norman, he’s inspired by his children and co-workers. “I want to be successful for them, and show them they can win, too,” says Jesse, father to three children. “If you get up and work and you hustle, that’s the American Dream. In business, if you want to achieve, you just have to get up in the morning and just go get it.”

And now Jesse is ready for all the exciting challenges Car-Mart’s newest location will bring him.

Jesse is excited about Car-Mart’s newest store in Norman, and he invites everyone to come see him and his team at the all-new Car-Mart of Norman. If you live in or near Norman, let Jesse and his staff welcome you to the Car-Mart family.

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