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$6,000 Refund Advance* & $75 Cash Back**

Beginning January 2nd, file your taxes online or at any Car-Mart location using Tax Max for one low fee. Ask about how you can receive up to a $6,000 Refund Advance within 24 hours or less! You may choose between a Mini Refund Advance or a Max Refund Advance. See details below.

Up to $6,000 Refund Advance upon bank approval of EPS financial.

Tax Returns Prepared and Filed by Tax Refund Services, Inc., DBA Tax Max Which is Not Affiliated with America’s Car-Mart.

Top 5 Reasons

To File With Tax Max


SAME DAY ADVANCE. Up to $6,000.*


$75 CASH BACK.** Upon Bank Approval.






Open Year Round.

Save Money.
Save Time.

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"Great experience and very helpful people! I suggest them for your car needs and they file taxes! They will work with you as best as they can."

- M. McCrary

"Such a wonderful place to do your taxes and get a nice ride."

- P. Parrish

"These people that work here are 100% awesome! They are cool! They rock! They help with taxes AND building credit."

- L. Dobbs

Still have questions?

Who is Tax Max?

Tax returns are prepared and filed by Tax Refund Services, Inc., DBA Tax Max, which is not affiliated with America’s Car-Mart. Tax Max is an authorized IRS E-file provider based in Tampa, Florida, that has been preparing State and Federal taxes since 1995. They offer one low rate with no hidden fees and an accuracy guarantee.

Do I have to buy a car to file my taxes?

Not at all. You can get your taxes filed through Tax Max online or at any Car-Mart location. We’re happy to help.

What are the main advantages to filing with Tax Max?

Tax Max offers a fast and easy process with lower prices than most nationwide tax services. They also offer free year-round audit assistance.

How much Refund Advance Can I Get for Filing My Taxes at Car-Mart?

Tax Max offers up to a $6,000 refund advance. See your local Car-Mart for details.

Do I have to go to a physical Car-Mart location to file to get my Refund Advance and $75 Cash Back?

No, you can submit your documents online, “By clicking HERE” and a Tax Max Professional will prepare your taxes and text you your Refund Amount and Filing options.

When can I file my taxes?

You can file your taxes online today or at any Car-Mart location! And your information will be in the IRS System as soon as they open.

How soon can I get my refund?

Refund Advances are available within 24 hours.

How much does it cost to file with Tax Max?

Check with your local Car-Mart for pricing details.

*Choose between Mini or Max Refund up to $6,000

Mini Refund Advance

If approved, would be $250, $500 or $1,000, with no additional fee above the $109 Bank Fee.

Max Refund Advance

If approved for 25%, 50%, or 75% – Bank Fee will be based on a 36% APR with a max repayment period of up to 45 days.

  • Self-Employed Workers Pay an Additional $79 Processing Fee.
  • In Texas and Tennessee the state tax prep fee is not applicable.
  • An Additional $14 Bank Fee for State Refund.

    Tax Returns Prepared and Filed by Tax Refund Services, Inc., DBA Tax Max Which is Not Affiliated with America’s Car-Mart.

**$75 Cash Back Promotion Rules

  • The tax return cannot be an associate or discounted tax return.
  • The taxpayer must have a refund
  • The taxpayer will select between 3 electronic payment options to receive their $75 cash back:
    • PayPal
    • Venmo
    • CashApp
  • If they don’t have one of the 3 payment options mentioned above, there will be a 4th option for $100 OFF tax preparation fees at the time of filing
  • The file must be accepted by the IRS
  • Tax Max will run an internal report on the Car-Mart files that were accepted by the IRS for the previous calendar day and make payments on those accepted files on a daily basis.
  • $75 Cash Back Offer valid Jan 2, 2023 – April 18, 2023.
  • Once taxpayer filing is accepted by the IRS beginning on or around January 9, 2023, Tax Max will send the $75 Cash Back within 24 hours via the electronic payment method selected by taxpayer

Still have questions? We’re here to help. Chat with us or call (866) 819-9944.