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Tax time is the perfect time to choose Car-Mart. We can help you make the most of your tax refund, whether you decide to put it towards buying a new vehicle or paying down the financing term on your current one. Bring your W-2 to your local dealership, and we’ll help you file your taxes. We’ll talk about how you can maximize your tax refund to keep you on the road with a quality, used vehicle.

*Up to $6,000 Refund Advance until March 15, 2024, upon bank approval of EPS financial.

Tax Returns Prepared and Filed by Tax Refund Services, Inc., DBA Tax Max Which is Not Affiliated with America’s Car-Mart.

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Let Your Tax Refund Put You in the Driver’s Seat

You can file your taxes online or at any Car-Mart location with the help of Tax Max for a single, low fee. If you file before March 15, you can receive up to $6,000 of your refund in advance. Additionally, once your taxes are accepted by the IRS, Tax Max will send you an instant rebate of $75.

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Rev Up Your Tax Refund at America’s Car-Mart


Save time and money filing with Tax Max


Low down payments


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Large selection of quality vehicles


Friendly, compassionate service

What our customers say about Car-Mart assisting with their taxes

"They always take care of my taxes. I would not go anywhere else."

Sharon M.

Van Buren, Ark.

“It’s tax season, so go to Car-Mart, and let them file your taxes and see if you can get approved for an early cash advance…”

James T.

Ardmore, Okla.

"They even do taxes and use the part of the refund for a down payment, which is perfect for us."

Tommy U.

Broken Arrow, Okla.

*Choose between Mini or Max Refund up to $6,000

Mini Refund Advance

If approved, would be $250, $500 or $1,000, with no additional fee above the $109 Bank Fee.

Max Refund Advance

If approved for 25%, 50%, or 75% – Bank Fee will be based on a 36% APR with a max repayment period of up to 60 days.

  • Self-Employed Workers Pay an Additional $99 Processing Fee.
  • In Texas and Tennessee the state tax prep fee is not applicable.
  • An Additional $14 Bank Fee for State Refund.

Tax Returns Prepared and Filed by Tax Refund Services, Inc., DBA Tax Max Which is Not Affiliated with America’s Car-Mart.

**$75 Cash Back Promotion Rules

  • The tax return cannot be an associate or discounted tax return.
  • The taxpayer must have a refund
  • The taxpayer will select between 3 electronic payment options to receive their $75 cash back:
    • PayPal
    • Venmo
    • Cash App
  • If they don’t have one of the 3 payment options mentioned above, there will be a 4th option for $100 OFF tax preparation fees at the time of filing
  • The file must be accepted by the IRS
  • Tax Max will run an internal report on the Car-Mart files that were accepted by the IRS for the previous calendar day and make payments on those accepted files on a daily basis.
  • $75 Cash Back Offer valid Jan 2, 2024 – April 15, 2024.
  • Once taxpayer filing is accepted by the IRS beginning on or around January 10, 2024, Tax Max will send the $75 Cash Back within 24 hours via the electronic payment method selected by taxpayer. Payments via Cash App may take longer than 24 hours to send.

Car-Mart shares tips to maximize your refund

Take Control of Your Financial Well-Being

America’s Car-Mart Offers Tips to Help You Get Money Smart

How to Make the Most of your Tax Refund

Use your tax refund to better your long-term financial goals

Maximize your Tax Refund

5 ways to use your tax refund at Car-Mart for your vehicle needs

Still have questions?

Why should I choose to file my taxes with Tax Max at Car-Mart?

Tax season is the perfect time for customers to choose Car-Mart and file their taxes with Tax Max. Car-Mart has partnered with Tax Max to provide a reliable, convenient filing option for customers. You can save time and money by filing with Tax Max. Plus, we will help customers maximize their tax refund and keep their money working for them, whether it’s towards purchasing another vehicle or paying down on the loan of their existing vehicle. Car-Mart is here for you with low down payments, affordable payment terms, a large selection of quality vehicles, and friendly, compassionate service.

When can I file my taxes?

You can file your taxes online or at any Car-Mart location! And your information will be in the IRS System as soon as they open.

How soon can I get my refund?

Refund Advances are available within 24 hours.

Do I have to buy a car to file my taxes?

Not at all. You can get your taxes filed through Tax Max online or at any Car-Mart location. We’re happy to help.

How much Refund Advance Can I Get for Filing My Taxes at Car-Mart?

Tax Max offers up to a $6,000 refund advance. See your local Car-Mart for details.

Do I have to go to a physical Car-Mart location to file to get my Refund Advance and $75 Cash Back?

No, you can submit your documents online, “By clicking HERE” and a Tax Max Professional will prepare your taxes and text you your Refund Amount and Filing options.

How much does it cost to file with Tax Max?

Check with your local Car-Mart for pricing details.

Who is Tax Max?

Tax returns are prepared and filed by Tax Refund Services, Inc., DBA Tax Max, which is not affiliated with America’s Car-Mart. Tax Max is an authorized IRS E-file provider based in Tampa, Florida, that has been preparing State and Federal taxes since 1995. They offer one low rate with no hidden fees and an accuracy guarantee.

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