A Journey of Opportunities

Aaron Valdez talks about his Career at America’s Car-Mart

Aaron Valdez, General Manager at America’s Car-Mart of Saint Joseph, MO, standing on his lot

Aaron Valdez’s first experience with America’s Car-mart was as a customer in Russellville, Ark. where he grew up.

“In Arkansas, if you needed a first car, you went to Car-Mart,” says Aaron, who bought a 2000 Mercury Cougar for $400 down. He wrecked that car, and Car-Mart worked with him on another vehicle.

In his 20’s, Aaron bounced from job to job – law enforcement, construction, warehousing, fast food, pizza delivery, concession stand work, grocery store, automotive and at a pharmaceutical company. Then Car-Mart called, and he said, ‘why not.’

On June 11, 2015, Aaron joined the Car-Mart family in the Future Manager training program at Springfield South, Mo. Since that time, he moved to various locations with stints as Assistant Manager at Tulsa South and Broken Arrow, Okla.; Springfield North, Mo.; and Harrisonville, Mo. as General Manager. In November 2019, he was named to his current position as General Manager at Car-Mart of Saint Joseph, Mo.

Aaron standing in front of the shop at Car-Mart of Saint Joseph
Aaron standing in front of the shop at Car-Mart of Saint Joseph

“It was a journey and a struggle,” says Aaron. “But what I learned through all of that and what I accomplished is something to be proud of. This company will take a chance on you, and they will invest you.”

“When I joined Car-Mart, I set goals for myself, and I’ve achieved everything I set out in my five-year plan. It’s great, and I’m thrilled to be in Saint Joseph,” continues Aaron. “I enjoy helping customers. And love driving different cars and buying different cars”

Aaron standing by his name on the door at Car-Mart of Saint Joseph
Aaron is proud to have his name on the door

Aaron’s favorite car is the Nissan GT-R – Godzilla. “We rely on cars so much, and we get in them every day, and we have no idea how they work – the technology. It’s so insane to me that somebody came up with this idea,” he laughs.

And here he is selling vehicles. Here’s what Aaron has to say about his Car-Mart career.

Most Proud Moment

Winning Car-Mart’s Lot of the Month at Saint Joseph after being there for three months. The store had never won, so it was a special feeling. And we just won this prestigious award for February 2022!

Aaron standing by some of the awards his dealership at Saint Joseph has won
Aaron standing by some of the awards his dealership at Saint Joseph has won

Also, my store received the “Excellence in Account Management” Award in December 2019 and again in 2020.

Best Thing about Working at Car-Mart

Our dealership is a family. The comradery is great. It’s gratifying that I’ve helped make this happen.

The team at Car-Mart of Saint Joseph
The team at Car-Mart of Saint Joseph

Plus, it’s the pride of managing a business. My name is on the front door. I get to make decisions every day, and then live with the results and be proud of those results or make changes. At Car-Mart, you’re able to do this.

Moment Aaron Knew He Made the Right Decision to Work for Car-Mart

When we helped a customer with cancer. She had been in and out of the hospital and got behind on her payments. She needed her truck to get to her appointments. She had this vehicle for quite some time and had it not been for previous modifications, would have long paid the vehicle off.

To us, I don’t think the vehicle would have been worth that much, but to her, it was her only source of transportation. So. even though she still owed what I’d consider a decent amount on it, we paid off her truck and delivered her the lien release. That was special. I’ll never forget that. As a thank you, she baked cookies for us and delivered them to us a few weeks later. She was a special person for sure.

Inspired by family and fun

Aaron and his wife, Victoria, have an 11-year-old son, Isaiah; and a four-month-old daughter, Issabella. His hobbies are basketball, softball (slow pitch), drums, guitar, bass, gaming and puzzles.

Aaron and his wife, Victoria, with son, Isaiah; and daughter, Issabella
Aaron and his wife, Victoria, with son, Isaiah; and daughter, Issabella

His NBA teams are the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Phoenix Suns, and for NFL, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs.

He’s an avid theater person. His favorite movie is Avengers: Endgame. He’s a big Marvel comic nerd. He likes working on cars and stand-up comedy. He also plays the drums, and once performed in a band at a Car-Mart meeting.

Aaron is excited to meet new people and he invites everyone to come see him and his team at his new facility at Car-Mart of Saint Joseph. If you live in or near Saint Joseph, let Aaron and his staff welcome you to the Car-Mart family.

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