Sell-A-Friend with Car-Mart

The more friends you refer to Car-Mart that result in a sale, the more money you’ll earn. Get $50 for each referral. Get an additional $100 for your 5th referral. Get an additional $200 for your 10th referral – Start today and start collecting that $$$

It's as easy
as 1. 2. 3.

You Refer

We Sell

You Collect!

“Sell-A-Friend” referral program rewards Car-Mart customers for recommending friends and family that result in a sale.

That’s right! It’s our exclusive Car-Mart customer referral program. For every friend or family member you refer to Car-Mart that results in a used car sale, you get $50 to spend wherever you like.

The more referrals we get, the more money you earn!

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Here’s how our Sell-A-Friend Car-Mart referral program works:

How does Car-Mart’s customer referral program – Sell-A-Friend work?

Our “Sell-A-Friend” program rewards Car-Mart customers for referring friends and family that result in a sale.  All existing or previous customers referring buyers are eligible for the program. “Sell-A-Friend” distributions will be limited to $50, unless it is the 5th ($150) or 10th ($250) referral to same existing or previous customer. We do not honor double or triple Sell-A-Friend promotions.

Where do I get the Sell-A-Friend card?

You may pick up a Sell-A-Friend card at your local participating Car-Mart.

Where and how do I submit the Sell-A-Friend card to Car-Mart?

Fill out the Sell-A-Friend card and give it to a Car-Mart salesperson. Or bring your friend to Car-Mart. We’ll take it from there.

So, once I fill out the card, what happens?

Once your friend or family member buys a vehicle from Car-Mart, we’ll give you $50.

What is the time period for selling 10 cars?

There is no time period in Car-Mart’s customer referral program.

What is the payout if I have more than 10 referrals?

After 10 referrals, the payout will be $50 per referral.

Is there a limit on how much I can earn?

No. There is no limit on how much you can earn.

Do I have to buy a vehicle from Car-Mart to be eligible for referring friends and family to Car-Mart?

You must purchase a vehicle to be eligible in Car-Mart’s customer referral program – Sell-A-Friend.

What if I buy a second vehicle? Is that considered a referral?

No. Purchasing a second vehicle is not a referral.

Official Promotional Rules for Car-Mart’s Customer Referral Program

Participating locations only. Available only to existing or previous Car-Mart customers. Requires a retail purchase from referred customer. Sell-A-Friend reward will be presented in the form of a check. See your Car-Mart dealer for more details. Not available in the state of Tennessee.