Frequently Asked Questions

We offer customers two, stress-free options for financing:

  1. Come in and fill out a credit application at your local Car-Mart dealership; or for convenience
  2. Go to and fill out the simple and secure form in as little as five minutes. After your form is submitted, a sales associate will call you to schedule an appointment to come in. When you are ready to come in, you will need to bring the following items with you to finalize the financing process:
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Most recent pay-stub or other proof of income
  • Most recent utility bill or other proof of residence
  • Trade title, if you’re trading in a vehicle

No. We can work through the financing approval process regardless of your selection of a vehicle.

Our associates work one on one with you to understand your current financial situation and budget. Four key areas for consideration are:

  1. Vehicle selection
  2. Application information (income and expenses)
  3. Down payment/trade in value
  4. Credit history

Customer success is our number one goal so let us show you how easy it is to buy from Car-Mart!

Customer credit applications are good for 30 days.

We report customer accounts to TransUnion and Experian Credit bureaus each month. As you make payments on time, it will have a positive impact on your credit score.

We accept an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number also known as “ITIN#” if no social security number is available. We also accept a valid passport or other foreign government photo ID. Passport or other photo ID must be brought to the dealership at the time of your appointment.

No. Your credit score will not be affected. Determining your pre-qualification terms will only generate a soft inquiry visible to you. Once a vehicle is selected and your official application is submitted, a hard credit inquiry will be made to TransUnion and Experian credit bureaus that may affect your credit score.

For more information about Car-Mart financing or payment options, please call us at 1-866-819-9944.

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