Inventory Supplier Program

For over 40 years, America’s Car-Mart has created a strong reputation in local communities by providing quality, used vehicles at affordable prices. As we continue to expand our footprint, we seek to expand our inventory partners and sourcing options through our preferred used car supplier program.

America's Car Mart Dealership

Inventory Supplier Program

We’re seeking to increase our supply of quality used vehicles. We want to partner with industry leaders responsible for reconditioning and reselling quality cars and trucks who can help us meet our inventory purchasing goals. If you are interested in supplying quality used vehicles to America’s Car-Mart, we want to speak with you.

About Car-Mart’s Vehicle Inventory

Car-Mart sources used vehicles between five and 12 years of age with 70,000 to 140,000 miles. We sell a variety of used vehicles including sport utility vehicles, trucks, and sedans. Typically, we do not purchase sports cars or luxury cars. Our Purchasing Agents and General Managers inspect and test-drive every vehicle before a sale. Finally, we strive to purchase used vehicles that require little or no repair.

Large truck hauling cars for delivery to Car-Mart

We're Looking for Supplier Partners Who...

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Provide a steady flow of Car-Mart standard units for purchase weekly

Recondition Facilities line style icon

Provide the capacity and facilities to recondition and resell used vehicles to America’s Car-Mart

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Are located in close proximity to the communities we serve

Vehicle Acquisitions Team at America's Car-Mart

Supplier Partnership Benefits

  • Dedicated Corporate Procurement Manager
  • Dedicated Preferred Supplier Management System
    • Car-Mart Supplier Dashboard
    • Condition Reports and Car-Mart Pricing Access
  • Corporate Office Support
    • Logistics
    • Titles
    • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Option
  • Uninterrupted Flow of Units

Supplier Partner Testimonials

“I’m a big believer in Car-Mart. That’s why I chose to become a preferred vendor. I’ve sold vehicles to Car-Mart for about 20 years.”

Jake Haller

The Car Man, LLC.

“Car-Mart has been a great and steady partner to work with for the past couple of years. We are very pleased with the overall experience we have gained and the relationship we have built with our partner.”

Nadine Abdelnour

Cransh Auto Sales

“Car-Mart is a strong company. Doing business with Car-Mart has been great for us!”

Brandon Kennedy

KRE Investments