Flexible Trade-In

Lower the cost of your down payment with your trade in.

We make it easy to trade-in your vehicle at Car-Mart. Trading in your vehicle can help offset the cost of your new vehicle. When you trade-in your used vehicle at Car-Mart, we’ll give you a fair trade. Our goal is to lower the cost of your down payment, as well as the total cost of your new used vehicle.

Want to trade your car?

Or anything of monetary value?

We'll work with you.

What's my car worth?

We offer free appraisals. We’ll evaluate the condition of your vehicle, as well as the mileage. We’ll provide you with a fair trade-in value.

Come on in. Let's make a deal.

  • If you don’t have a vehicle to trade-in, let’s talk – we can help. We trade for anything.
  • From electronics to furniture and appliances to farm animals – if there is monetary value, we will accept it as part of your down payment.
  • NOTE: In Texas, we are only allowed to trade for vehicles.
  • Car-Mart is also interested in buying used vehicles even if you don’t buy from us. Estimate the value of your car today!

We will also buy your car even if you don't buy from us

Have more questions?

Does Car-Mart charge to appraise my used vehicle?

Car-Mart does not charge to appraise your used vehicle.

What factors are considered in determining the value of my used vehicle?

A Car-Mart associate will evaluate the condition, features, history report and mileage of the used vehicle. A Car-Mart associate will also test drive the vehicle.

What should I bring to my appraisal appointment?

You will need to bring your title, keys, registration and payoff information if you are still paying on your vehicle.

Once I have an offer, how long do I have to accept the offer?

You will have seven days to accept your Car-Mart offer.

Do I have to sell/trade in my car at the same location that gave me an offer?

Yes, you will have to sell or trade in your car at the same location that gives you an offer.

Do I need an appointment to sell or trade in my used vehicle?

Yes. A Car-Mart associate will set up a convenient time to conduct your used vehicle appraisal.

Still have questions? We’re here to help. Chat with us or call (866) 819-9944.