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Car-Mart customers share their stories and experiences about finding their vehicle and what it means for their lives.

“They helped me get my son’s car payment lowered during his financial difficulties. Thank you!!”

– Roberta M.

“I have horrible credit and wasn't expecting to get approved. Car-Mart gave me a chance and I couldn't be any more grateful.”

– Mark S.

“This was the most stress-free car buying experience possibly in existence. There was no pushing, no embarrassment from credit history.”

– Abigale M.

“It seemed like buying a car from friends rather than just another dealership. Will definitely be back!”

– Branden H.

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Your Dream Car Awaits

Challa Watkins Finds her Dream Car at America’s Car-Mart. For Challa Watkins, a dream car is about happiness.

“A dream car is something you can rely on and something you’re happy with. It’s something I like and love driving,” says Challa, who purchased a 2013 Kia Optima at America’s Car-Mart of Springfield South, Mo. “And I do love driving this car.”

Additionally, Challa defines her dream car by the qualities of the car. In the case of her Kia Optima, it’s the back-up camera, the sun and moon roof, the vehicle’s spaciousness and the extra space in the trunk. Plus, the push button start makes her ‘feel fancy.’

“This car had everything I was looking for,” smiles Challa, who also purchased the optional service contract for added peace of mind.

Researching before dreaming

While Challa’s aunt referred her to Car-Mart, she also researched before she stepped foot on the Car-Mart lot. “I don’t know a lot about cars, and I discovered that Car-Mart has the best reviews ever. I checked out Car-Mart’s website and their Google reviews,” she says.

And Car-Mart didn’t disappoint Challa as the Car-Mart associates welcomed her to Car-Mart. “They’re welcoming, always smiling, always joking. A place you know you’re safe. I guess you could call it home. And they check up on you,” says Challa, while adding that a Car-Mart associate called her several times the first week to make sure she was happy with her purchase.

“I don’t know a lot about cars, and they explained everything to me. They took their time. They were patient and really nice about it,” Challa continues.

So, how does Car-Mart keep Challa on the road? “Car-Mart gets me reliable transportation for wherever I need to go. Plus, service contracts and 100% Satisfaction – most places don’t have these."

“If you’re thinking about buying a car and don’t know where to go, this is the place for you. Vanessa and Dre were the greatest help. They were patient and worked with me – I barely had little to no credit!”

– Breann D.

“Very friendly people. I came in for my very first car and they worked with me. I highly suggest Car-Mart.”

– Aleisha L.

“I loved my experience. The staff are friendly, and treat you exceptionally well. They aren’t like other dealers who only care about the sale. I definitely recommend Car-Mart to anyone looking to get a vehicle.”

– Daniel S.

“Staff members were amazing at helping me pick the correct vehicle for what I needed. They worked with me on the down payment and payment timing. Great overall experience!”

– Robert H.

Car-Mart Goes that Extra Mile

For Geraldean Morris, Arkadelphia, Ark., it’s the little things that America’s Car-Mart does that matter. She is on her third Car-Mart car, and she’ll be back for more vehicles.

“Car-Mart goes that extra mile to make sure I have the best experience the entire time I have my vehicle. They don’t stop just because I bought it,” she says. “Car-Mart is there for me after I drive it off the lot.”

Here’s why Geraldean appreciates her Car-Mart family:

Car-Mart cares.

The Car-Mart team ensures her vehicle is running okay, they ask about issues, they invite her to call if issues surface. “If I have a problem in making a payment, they’ll work with me. They give me options,” says Geraldean. “Any time I need them I can call them and they are right there. If my car needs to go the shop, they tell me where to go.”

Car-Mart listens.
When Geraldean mentioned she wanted a smaller vehicle, Car-Mart called a few weeks later and asked her to stop by Car-Mart. They had found her a Nissan. “It was exactly what I wanted. And it was hot that day, so they walked me with an umbrella to check out the car,” says Geraldean, who bought that vehicle. “I love the car.”
Car-Mart knows Geraldean by name.
When Geraldean makes a payment, they know her name. They also always ask if she wants bottled water. “They are just great,” Geraldean smiles.

Car-Mart is different from other used car dealerships.

“Number one, they know me. I ask them to be honest with me, and they are,” says Geraldean. They will tell me all about the car. They don’t try to treat me differently because I’m a woman. They’re more personable. They’re great.”

“And when you pay on time, people will help you when you get into trouble,” Geraldean adds. “At Car-Mart, they’ll work it out with you.”

So, how does Car-Mart keep Geraldean on the road?

“By giving me – even though it’s a used car – low mileage. I have a really good used car, and if I have any troubles under the hood, they will call their mechanic and set up an appointment. They go above and beyond.”

“I love Car-Mart, and the cars that I have had have been great,” concludes Geraldean.

customer photo
customer photo

Nine Cars and They’ll be Back

“When you never have a bad experience, there’s never a reason to go elsewhere,” says Amber Goodman, who, along with her husband, Jeffrey, have purchased nine vehicles from America’s Car-Mart of Paragould, Ark. since 2014.

That pretty much sums up the Goodman’s car-buying experiences at Car-Mart. And they have ‘loved’ the experience for each vehicle purchase.

“It’s the employees who keep us going back,” Amber remarks. “Car-Mart is like a family. The people are great. Everyone is so kind.”
“The experience is good, the price is good. We’ve never had any problems with any of the cars we purchased at Car-Mart,” continues Amber. “They work with bad credit. They know our names when we make a payment. They have watched our kids grow up.”

Amber’s favorite Car-Mart car is a 2005 Mustang GT. Unfortunately, the Goodman’s traded it in for a Maxima to accommodate their growing family. Their most recent vehicle is an Equinox.

“Car-Mart is the place to go,” Amber concludes.

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