Car-Mart customer, Doug Childress, standing by his Jeep

It’s America’s Car-Mart for Customer Doug Childress

He’s Been a Loyal Customer Since 1998

When America’s Car-Mart of Springfield North opened in 1998, Doug Childress became a Car-Mart customer. Over 20 cars later, he’s still true-blue to Car-Mart.

Doug spotted the cars at the used car dealership, and ventured in to learn more about Car-Mart. “That lot was teeny tiny,” recalls Doug, while adding his first Car-Mart vehicle was a green Toyota.

Car-Mart customer, Doug Childress, with Andrew Bucaro, Assistant Manager at Car-Mart of Springfield North
Andrew Bucaro, Assistant Manager, (right) congratulates long-time customer Doug Childress on his newest purchase at Car-Mart of Springfield North, Mo.

For 25 years, Doug has only purchased his vehicles at Car-Mart of Springfield North. When he needs a new vehicle, he heads to Car-Mart and trades it in. In fact, he recently bought his newest vehicle – a Jeep Wrangler.

His favorite Car-Mart vehicle is a 2014 GMC Sierra. “It was a nice truck. It had all the bells and whistles. I thought I was high society,” smiled Doug, while adding his other prized car was a gray and black Dodge Challenger, which he gave to his son, Doug, Jr. His wife, Jamie, drives their Durango.

While it’s the vehicles that Doug likes, he likes the [Car-Mart] people more. “They are the friendliest people, and they’ll do anything to help you,” he says. “They don’t want your car; they want to keep you in your car.”

“Doug is one of our favorite customers. I’ve lost count of how many cars he’s purchased at Car-Mart,” says Jacob Terry, General Manager. “He trusts us to get him into quality, used vehicles. And we’re honored to help him. We look forward to many more years of having Doug as a customer.”

“We go to Car-Mart, and we joke around. It’s a fun place,” continues Doug. “I know everyone at Car-Mart, and everyone knows me.”

Car-Mart customer, Doug Childress, shakes hands with Jacob Terry, General Manager at Car-Mart of Springfield North
Car-Mart customer Doug Childress shakes hands with Jacob Terry, General Manager, at Car-Mart of Springfield North, Mo.

Doug also appreciates the quick and easy car-buying process. “Car-Mart doesn’t take an arm and a leg when you buy a vehicle,” he says. “The other dealerships want a bunch of money down. That makes it easy to come to Car-Mart.”

Additionally, Car-Mart is there to help him if something should go wrong with one of his vehicles. That’s why he always purchases the optional service contracts.

“I like Car-Mart. They have some nice vehicles, and they’re easy to talk to. They don’t try to push you to buy. And if you want to think about it, you can,” concludes Doug who encourages anyone to try Car-Mart. “Give them a shot!”

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