Trading In and Trading Up at America's Car-Mart

Trading In and Trading Up at America’s Car-Mart

Everything You Need to Know

If you’re short on cash but need a newer vehicle, now is the time to trade in your used car at America’s Car-Mart, a buy-here, pay-here dealership.

Your trade-in is your down payment when you trade in your vehicle during our July All-American Trade Event. Plus, by trading, you may enjoy a more affordable payment plan on a newer, more reliable vehicle that fits your budget. Additionally, we provide affordable financing options so you can get the vehicle you need, even with less-than-perfect credit.

If you have questions about our trade-in process, the benefits of trading in, and more…we have answers.

Why should I consider Car-Mart for trading in my vehicle?

We understand and value each customer. We believe that every person deserves to get into the vehicle they want and need, regardless of their credit history. Having been in business for over 40 years, we have helped thousands of credit-challenged customers secure the financing they need to drive away in their desired vehicle.

Our financing process is easy and straightforward. We work closely with you to understand your financial situation and create affordable payments. Our interest rates are lower than those at many other dealerships, and our financing terms are shorter compared to the industry average and other dealerships.

Finally, we have a wide selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Whether you need a bigger vehicle for your growing family or a gas-saver, we have what you want.

We are here to help you!

Will Car-Mart accept any vehicle as a trade-in? How does Car-Mart determine the value?

A Car-Mart Associate greeting a customer and his wife while standing near the couple's trade-in and new truck.Car-Mart purchases all types, makes, and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs in any condition. We consider several factors to ensure customers receive a fair price.

During the inspection, we will assess its overall quality and evaluate how well you have maintained it. We will examine the condition of the upholstery and the overall interior cleanliness and look for major dings or dents on the exterior.

We will also take the vehicle for a test drive to evaluate the engine’s performance, check the functionality of the AC/heater unit, and ensure that the windows are in proper working condition.

We’ll record your vehicle’s mileage, but whether your vehicle has 30,000 or 300,000 miles, mileage doesn’t matter at Car-Mart. It’s important to note that Car-Mart offers a complimentary vehicle appraisal service. You won’t be charged for this service.

How much can I get for my vehicle?

It is difficult to estimate the value of your vehicle without physically inspecting it. [Refer to the question above for more information on our vehicle inspection criteria.].

Will the trade-in value be applied to the purchase of a new vehicle?

Yes! The trade-in value reduces the amount you will own on the vehicle you are purchasing. In most cases, it also works for your down payment.

Also, trading in your vehicle reduces your sales tax liability on the vehicle you are purchasing. For example, if you buy a $10,000 vehicle at Car-Mart and you trade in a vehicle that we value at $2,000, you pay sales tax on the difference of $8,000. This helps you meet your down payment requirement, reduce the balance of the vehicle that you’re purchasing, and reduce the sales tax amount owed to the state.

What is the process for trading in my vehicle at Car-Mart?

Get pre-qualified online so you’ll know the amount you pre-qualify before you arrive at the dealership, thus saving time. It’s an easy online process that provides an instant amount, takes five minutes or less, and has no credit hit. Get pre-qualified now!

Bring your vehicle to your local Car-Mart dealership, and we will help you select another car from our lot. We will inspect your vehicle while you shop and test drive and determine its trade-in value. After that, we will discuss the trade details, financing, and payment amounts. Be ready to complete the trade on the same day.

Once we make you an offer on your vehicle, you will have seven days to accept the offer.

If you’re anxious to start the trade-in process, schedule a visit with us, and we’ll walk you through the process.

Can I trade in my vehicle if I still owe money on it?

Yes! If you have an outstanding balance on your current vehicle, you can still trade it in. We’ll take the amount you owe and use it towards your new vehicle. You’ll still be responsible for paying off the remaining loan balance not covered by your trade-in amount.

What if my credit is not good? Can I still trade in? Does the trade-in process affect my credit score?

Yes! At Car-Mart, we don’t just look at your credit score. We look at your overall financial situation and vehicle needs. We will work with you to find a car you can afford and set up a payment plan that fits your budget.

Your credit score will not be affected when you pre-qualify for financing at Car-Mart. However, if you decide to finance a vehicle with Car-Mart, you must authorize a ‘hard pull,’ which involves a full credit report inquiry. This step is necessary before the sale can be finalized, and it may impact your credit score.

Do I need an appointment to sell or trade my used vehicle?

Car-Mart Associate greeting and shaking hands with a female customer outside on the lot.While it’s best to schedule an appointment to ensure we can plan accordingly for your visit, no appointment is necessary. Each location is staffed with experts who can give you the fair market value of your vehicle trade. You can call your local Car-Mart to set a time to go to Car-Mart, or you can schedule a visit online.

What are the advantages of trading in a car versus selling it privately?

Selling a vehicle privately can be a hassle and time-consuming. You have to create ads, list it online or in the newspaper, take phone calls, and meet strangers for test drives. Our trade-in process at Car-Mart is easy and straightforward, and you can often drive home in your new vehicle on the same day.

What documentation do I need to provide when trading in my car?

Bring your vehicle’s title, keys, registration, proof of insurance, and maintenance records (if possible). Also, bring payoff information, if applicable.

Car-Mart customers smiling and holding up a new set of car keys outside at a Car-Mart dealership.There you have it—everything you need to know about trading in your vehicle at America’s Car-Mart. Our compassionate team looks forward to helping you with the process and trading in your vehicle. Start today by getting pre-qualified or scheduling a sales visit.

Get pre-qualified and see the amount you’re qualified for – within minutes. Know what you qualify for before you get to the dealership.

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