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Get peace of mind at America’s Car-Mart with our optional Accident Protection Plan, a cancellation of your remaining debt in the case your vehicle is stolen or considered a total loss due to an accident.

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At America’s Car-Mart, we have you covered with our Accident Protection Plan. When you purchase an affordable, quality, used vehicle from us, we’ll do all we can to keep you on the road. This plan provides you with a cancellation of your remaining debt in case your vehicle is stolen or considered a total loss because of fire or accident. The bottom line, Car-Mart cares about our customers. Also, be sure to check out our separate Service Contract Plus.

*Not offered in Indiana.

Here’s what you need to know

  • You must have liability or full coverage insurance as required by your vehicle contract or state law.
  • It’s not debt forgiveness, it’s cancellation.
  • Value add of America’s Car-Mart….others don’t provide cancellation of debt.
  • Separate coverage from Service Contract Plus. They’re two different products and unrelated.
  • Not offered in Illinois and Indiana.
  • All in-house service.

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“I’m totally impressed with Car-Mart. After my wreck, their team took care of me very well. Thank you Car-Mart.”

Randall C.

Car-Mart of Fayetteville

Have more questions?

What is the Accident Protection Plan?

Car-Mart’s Accident Protection Plan is designed to cancel the remaining balance on your vehicle in the event of a total loss. The Accident Protection Plan is purchased at the time of sale.

What is the Accident Protection Plan claims process?

Once you report a total loss or theft of your vehicle to America’s Car-Mart, we will ask you to provide details of the incident, insurance information, a police report, the vehicle’s location, and pictures of the vehicle. The Claims team will then work with you and the at-fault insurance (if any is involved) to obtain the best settlement possible for you.

What documents am I required to provide for my Accident Protection Plan claim?

You will be required to provide your insurance information, a police or theft report, the location of your vehicle, and pictures of the vehicle.

Will my claim automatically be approved if the other party is at fault?

Your Accident Protection Plan claim will not automatically be approved by America’s Car-Mart. Your documents will need to be reviewed by the Claims team to determine if your claim is approved.

Will my Accident Protection Plan claim automatically be approved if insurance pays out on the claim?

Accident Protection Plan claims are not automatically approved. All documentation will need to be reviewed by the Claims team to determine if your claim is approved.

Am I entitled to the insurance proceeds?

You will not be entitled to the insurance proceeds, unless the insurance proceeds are greater than the payoff amount of your account. Insurance proceeds on a total loss will be applied to the outstanding balance on the account. If your insurance settlement pays more than your remaining balance on the vehicle, you will receive the difference.

May I keep possession of my vehicle after it has been deemed a total loss?

You must turn over possession of the vehicle to the insurance company or America’s Car-Mart for an Accident Protection Plan claim to be approved and any outstanding balance canceled. In the event that the insurance proceeds for an owner retained settlement is greater than the amount owed, you may retain the vehicle.

What happens if my vehicle is lost or stolen?

You are required to file a theft report and provide a copy of the report to the Claims team. We do ask for a 21-day waiting period for the vehicle to be located or recovered before we are able to fully process the Accident Protection Plan.

What happens if my vehicle is involved in a fire?

In the event of a fire, the fire department and police must be contacted and a copy of the fire/police report must be provided to America’s Car-Mart.

Does the Accident Protection Plan cover my vehicle for commercial use?

Use of the vehicle for primarily commercial use is not covered by the Accident Protection Plan contract. If you are using the vehicle for delivery services such as Uber, Lyft, BiteSquad, etc., you need to carry a separate commercial use policy.

Do I have to wait until my Accident Protection Plan claim is finalized to purchase another vehicle from America’s Car-Mart?

We do not have a waiting period for a new purchase because we understand that everyone needs reliable transportation and needs to get to work, school, etc. on a daily basis. Contact your local America’s Car-Mart location to discuss your options.

Still have questions? We’re here to help. Chat with us or call (866) 819-9944.