Hand Selected Vehicles

We have you in mind when we purchase quality vehicles.

We work hard to find the best-used cars and vehicles for our customers. We execute a detailed and exhaustive procedure for testing vehicles before purchase. We know you’re looking for quality and value.

We perform two thorough vehicle inspections

At America’s Car-Mart, Inc., we have a two-step process. Before we even buy a vehicle, we thoroughly inspect it to confirm it is of the highest quality. We then make another final and rigorous inspection after the purchase and inspect every aspect of the vehicle – again to ensure the vehicle is in top condition.

We go the extra mile so you can drive with peace of mind.

  • We have experienced purchasing agents whose sole job is to look and purchase quality vehicles.
  • We make any necessary repairs and we thoroughly deep clean the vehicle.
  • We look at the overall condition of the vehicle – engine, brakes, steering, electrical items, body and paint, tires and wheels, windshield, windows, interior and more.

Have more questions?

Does Car-Mart inspect the vehicles before selling them?

Yes, our inspections are a two-step process. The initial inspection is made before the purchase by our experienced purchasing agents. Our purchasing agents look at tens of thousands of vehicles each month to find the best quality vehicles for our customers. The final inspection is made after the purchase by the management team at each dealership.

Where do you get your vehicles from?

Car-Mart obtains our vehicles from trade-ins, purchases from individuals, wholesale dealers, new car dealer trade-ins, and occasionally vehicle auctions.

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