100 Percent Satisfaction

We'll put you in another vehicle if you’re not satisfied

We offer a full 7 days or less than 500 miles (whichever occurs first) to exchange your vehicle for another one of equal or lesser value.

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Not satisfied with your car?

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Has it been a full 7 days or less than 500 miles (whichever occurs first) from the date of purchase?

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We'll exchange your vehicle.

Here's how our used vehicle exchange policy works

We promise 100% satisfaction. If – within a full 7 days or less than 500 miles (whichever occurs first) – you don’t absolutely love your vehicle, we’ll exchange it for another vehicle of equal or lesser value. We want you to love your vehicle!

Here’s what you need to know to exchange a used car at Car-Mart

  • Our 100% Satisfaction designates an exchange; not a return.
  • Customers may use this service only once per sale.
  • Exchange will be allowed only from the Car-Mart of purchase.
  • Customers may also trade up to a more expensive vehicle but must provide for the increase in required down payment.
  • The vehicle must be returned in the condition as when sold (e.g., undamaged, clean and mechanically sound).
  • No money will be returned.
  • Not available in Illinois.

Helping customers like you

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“Absolutely the best automobile buying experience I have EVER had! Very friendly staff and willing to work with any situation!!! When they say 100 percent satisfaction guarantee they MEAN IT!! …[I] Highly recommend Car-Mart of Tullahoma!!! Thank you again.”

Melissa W.

Car-Mart of Tullahoma

Have more questions?

What vehicles qualify when I go to make an exchange?

You may exchange a vehicle for a like priced vehicle within a full 7 days from the date of the purchase or less than 500 miles whichever occurs first.

Are there any time limit exceptions to the 7-day exchange?

Yes, if the 7th day falls on a day the business is closed then time limit shall be 6pm of the next day the business is open.

How do I verify the mileage when wanting to exchange my vehicle?

You can verify the mileage by looking at your mileage listed on the odometer statement you received from the sale.

What if I want to exchange for another vehicle that is priced higher than the one I originally purchased?

A down payment increase may be required when exchanging for a more expensive vehicle.

How many times can I exchange my vehicle?

You will be allowed to exchange your vehicle one time per purchase under the 100% Satisfaction Program.

How do I exchange my vehicle?

Contact your local dealership and they will be happy to help!

Still have questions? We’re here to help. Chat with us or call (866) 819-9944.