Meet Shelly Jones, a Long-Time Loyal Customer

Car-Mart Provides Her Confidence and Comfort

Shelly Jones standing by her car

Shelly Jones’ Car-Mart story is about the power of relationships.

She purchased her first vehicle at America’s Car-Mart of Russellville South in 2016. It wasn’t a good time in Shelly’s life. She had just wrecked her vehicle, so she had no vehicle for trade-in.

But yet she walked into Car-Mart and shared her story. “The Car-Mart people said ‘Ok, let’s go to work with what we have,’” says Shelly.

That same day, she drove away in a new vehicle. She drove it for a few days but decided it wasn’t the right vehicle for her. Back to Car-Mart. “Nobody batted an eye,” Shelly continues. “They said, ‘Shelly, let’s try this one over here.’”

She paid off that car and needed another one – and another one after that. Several years and four cars later, Shelly is still praising Car-Mart for its vehicles and customer service.

And that’s how the Shelly Jones / Car-Mart relationship grew and evolved.

“I go to Car-Mart [Russellville South] because they take care of me,” says Shelly. “I recognize and value them and that’s reciprocated. They know me as a person, and they take care of me.”

‘Life is just life, and it’s never perfect,’ according to Shelly, who has experienced a few highs and lows. And Car-Mart has been there for her during those times.

One time when her car had an issue (at no fault of Car-Mart), Jesse Price, General Manager at Car-Mart of Russellville South handled the situation. “This really solidified for me what Car-Mart is all about,” says Shelly, mother to two children and grandmother of five and one great-grandchild.

Jesse Price, General Manager at Car-Mart of Russellville South
Jesse Price, General Manager at Car-Mart of Russellville South

When Shelly learned she was being transferred to Florida for her job, the Car-Mart team helped her trade in her vehicle for a newer car. They wanted to be sure she had a reliable car to drive back and forth to Florida. In fact, Jesse selected a vehicle for her – a 2017 Hyundai Veloster.  Plus, he wanted Shelly to drive the car for seven days (or less than 500 miles) to be sure it was the right vehicle. [Learn more about Car-Mart’s 100% Satisfaction exchange policy].

“I didn’t ask for any of it,” says Shelly. “That’s a relationship. It’s, also, because I do my part. “I continue to go back somewhere where they will take care of me.”

“Shelly is a direct reflection of our Car-Mart values. She is always respectful, while also balancing her playful side – which we really enjoy! She’s always been honest with us and carries herself with a sense of decency,” says Jessie, while adding that when Shelly visits, she always talks with the Car-Mart team and asks about everyone’s wellbeing. “This shows Shelly’s value and compassion. Finally, she is the definition of excellence in the way she carries herself and she inspires our lot to be the best people we can be.”

Receiving extraordinary service at Car-Mart

“For me, it’s not called service after the sale, it’s called, ‘I get to know you,’” says Shelly. “Car-Mart becomes family. They just know you. If you do your part and in doing that, they’ll do their part and they’ll do extra. No matter what, you’re going to get the Car-Mart plan of action.”

Shelly adds when she makes her payments online, they’ll notice and let her know that she hasn’t been in the store. [Learn more about Car-Mart’s Pay Your Way options].

Finding peace of mind at Car-Mart

“With Car-Mart, when you build that relationship, they’re going to go above that,” Shelly says. “Whatever the expectation of the market is, Car-Mart says that’s not good enough.”

It’s the strong relationship with Car-Mart that gives Shelly confidence and comfort. “No matter what happens – and I don’t get told ‘yes’ every time – it builds confidence in myself,” concludes Shelly. “It makes me feel good to know they will help with solutions. I feel like I’m dealing with people who stand behind what they do.”

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