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Satisfied Customers Share How Car-Mart Helped Them Purchase a Vehicle

During Life’s Ups and Downs, America’s Car-Mart Provides Peace of Mind

America’s Car-Mart is committed to keeping you on the road. If your credit score is less than stellar, or if you’re worried about finding a car that fits your budget, we’re here for you.

Our compassionate associates are dedicated to making your car-buying experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, whether it’s your first time buying a vehicle or your tenth. We take pride in supporting our customers through life’s ups and downs.

Enjoy some heartwarming stories from some of our satisfied customers who we’ve helped stay on the road:

“I didn’t think I could afford a vehicle” – Billy Belt

Billy Belt - Car-Mart of Tyler Customer
Billy Belt – customer at Car-Mart of Tyler

“I always felt I couldn’t afford a vehicle. That’s what I thought,” says Billy. “Then I went to Car-Mart, and they told me, ‘We can work with you. We can make it work.’”

Six years ago, Billy made an impulsive visit to Car-Mart of Tyler, Texas, and drove home with a new vehicle on the same day. He has since paid off two cars and is working on his third vehicle.

Learn more about Billy’s experience at Car-Mart.

“Car-Mart will work with you, and they listen.” – Kimberley Blake

When Kimberley experienced health issues and lost her car, Car-Mart of Woodstock, Georgia stepped in to help her. “They’ll help find the vehicle you want and make sure you’re happy with it,” Kimberley says. “The people at Car-Mart were very courteous and helpful. They always go above and beyond to help. We’ve told people that Car-Mart will work with you, and they have great vehicles.”

Learn more about Kimberley’s Car-Mart story.

“Car-Mart is an easy place to go to.” – Doug Childress

“The associates are compassionate, friendly, helpful, and they genuinely like you,” says the long-time customer. “They are the friendliest people, and they’ll do anything to help you. They don’t want your car; they want to keep you in it.”

Doug has purchased 20 vehicles from Car-Mart of Springfield North, Missouri. Learn more about Doug’s story and why he appreciates Car-Mart.

“The process was super easy and super helpful.” – Dawson Maples

David and his son, Dawson, with Sales Associate, Heather Evans
David and his son, Dawson, with Sales Associate, Heather Evans

When Dawson visited other dealerships as a first-time car buyer, he was ignored. But at Car-Mart of Benton, Arkansas, he received the attention he needed. “When I walked onto the Car-Mart lot, they greeted me. They provided me with details on the car. They answered my every question,” Dawson says. “They seemed like they wanted to sell a car. The professionalism at Car-Mart is over the top.”

Learn how Dawson and his dad, David, bought a Camaro for Dawson at Car-Mart.

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