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“Car-Mart Will Work with You”

America’s Car-Mart Wows Customer Kimberley Blake

When one car dealer towed Kimberley Blake’s vehicle for non-payment, she headed to America’s Car-Mart of Woodstock, Ga. The Car-Mart team was ready and waiting for her.

Kimberly spent eight weeks in the hospital and was unable to work. “I was on a ventilator, and the dealer sent a tow truck to get my car. They didn’t give me an option to work it out,” Kimberley says.

So, her daughter, Courtney Hurst, a Car-Mart customer, suggested she go to Car-Mart. She told her mom that ‘Car-Mart will work with you.’ So, Kimberley headed to Car-Mart with 97 stitches.

“I didn’t even test drive that first car because I trusted them. It felt like family. My daughter drove it, and I signed the paperwork right then,” comments Kimberley. “The people at Car-Mart were very courteous and helpful.”

Kimberly and Brennon with the Gold Club plaque
Kimberly and Brennon with the Gold Club plaque

Since then, Car-Mart has been there to help Kimberly with any issues. “The Car-Mart team always goes above and beyond to help. During COVID, they were there for us. They didn’t threaten to come get my car,” Kimberly adds. “As long as we communicated with them, they worked with us. They even checked on us. They were genuinely concerned.”

10 cars, but who’s counting?

Kimberley has purchased 10 vehicles at Car-Mart. Her first vehicle was an Elantra 2009, and her last two were a 2011 Ram 1500 truck for her son, Chris Hurst, and a Chevy Traverse, which is her favorite. “The back seat is big and roomy enough, so my grandchildren don’t fight,” smiles Kimberley.

Each vehicle purchase was easy, according to Kimberley. “We just go in, pick the car, and drive away. It’s fast. Last time we were in for less than an hour,” she says.

“Car-Mart will work with you, and they listen. They’ll help find the vehicle you want and make sure you’re happy with your vehicle, adds Kimberley, while adding that Brennon Hittner, General Manager, called her to make sure she was happy with her last purchase.

Kimberley also purchases an optional service contract for added peace of mind.

Car-Mart – family-friendly

“If you’re looking for a reliable car, go to Car-Mart,” Kimberley says. “We’ve told people that Car-Mart will work with you, and they have great vehicles.”

“We love our customers, and we really enjoy Kimberley and her family,” says Brennon. “We look forward to selling Kimberley’s grandchildren cars once they come of age!”

“At Car-Mart, we love serving our community and making a positive impact. We’re here for our customers, and we will do everything we can to help them and keep them on the road. When customers buy a vehicle from Car-Mart, they become part of our family.”

Recently, Car-Mart donated to the Woodstock Strongman competition in recognition of Kimberley’s grandson, who plays football for the Etowah High School in Woodstock.

If you’re looking for a new vehicle, check out Car-Mart of Woodstock inventory today. We’re ready to help get you into a quality, used vehicle.

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