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“America’s Car-Mart is Amazing!”

Customer Billy Belt Shares How Car-Mart Helped Him Purchase a Vehicle

“I always felt I couldn’t afford a vehicle. That’s what I thought,” says customer Billy Belt. “Then I went to Car-Mart, and they told me, ‘We can work with you. We can make it work.’”

Six years ago, on a whim, Billy stopped by America’s Car-Mart of Tyler, Texas to see what Car-Mart could do for him. And now he’s on his third vehicle and Billy says, “America’s Car-Mart is amazing.”

Billy’s first vehicle was a Nissan Frontier, which he paid off. When he needed something bigger for his family, Car-Mart had the perfect vehicle, a Nissan Armada, which he paid off. When he needed a truck for his business, Car-Mart had the perfect vehicle, a Ford F-150.

“I told Corey [General Manager], ‘Hey, Corey, I need a big truck, and he found a truck for me,’” says Billy, adding that his two sons, Christian and Justin, are also Car-Mart customers. In total, the Belt family has six Car-Mart vehicles.

Christian, Billy’s son, appreciates Car-Mart helping him in his time of need. When his first car was totaled, Car-Mart helped him through the process and found a Kia Sonata for him. “They’re a very loving and very caring people,” he says.

Billy plans to purchase another vehicle from Car-Mart in November after he’s paid off his truck. “My wife, Kathy, wants a small SUV, you know, with heated seats, remote start, the whole works,” smiles Billy.

“Billy is the example of what a Car-Mart customer is to me. He and his family trust us to carry out our mission of providing a quality vehicle, affordable payments, and excellent service,” says Corey Stearns, General Manager at Car-Mart of Tyler. “He considers us family as we do him and his family. Billy, Kathy, and their son, Christian, have been kind to me since my first day at Tyler; we treasure them as customers and friends.”

“Car-Mart is there for us!”

Check out what Billy says about how Car-Mart keeps him in vehicles and why he says ‘yes’ to America’s Car-Mart:

  • “When I need a new vehicle, I tell them what I want, and they find it. If there are any mechanical problems, they help take care of it.”
  • “They’ve been loyal to me, and they’ve helped me out.”
  • “When I’m short on money, they’re flexible.”

“Car-Mart cares about you and treats you like family.”

  • Corey Sterns- General Manager of Tyler
    Corey Sterns- General Manager of Car-Mart of Tyler

    “Family helps each other out. They’re always willing to help you out.”

  • “I love the people at Car-Mart of Tyler. Corey is like a big brother to me.”

“Car-Mart keeps you on the road.”

  • “Car-Mart’s vehicles are reasonable and reliable. I know I can always get a quality vehicle.”
  • “I trust Car-Mart when they tell me it’s a good vehicle.”

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