Honoring Your Friends

Zach Snow – Inspired by Ambition and Compassion

Zach Snow, Manager at Car-Mart of Centerton, sitting in a vehicle on his lot.

Zach Snow owes his Car-Mart career to his best friend, Shiloh. It’s because of Shiloh that Zach is driven to excel at Car-Mart.

Shiloh worked as an Account Representative for Car-Mart of Neosho, MO. Unfortunately, Shiloh’s life and Car-Mart career was cut short when Shiloh died of leukemia at 27-years-old. Shiloh shared how great it was to work at Car-Mart. He loved his job and the company, and his goal was to become a General Manager.

Zach took heed and followed in his best friend’s footsteps and joined the Car-Mart team. “I set a goal to be a manager in his honor and do what he wanted to do,” says Zach.

Zach Snow, buy here pay here used car dealership manager in Centerton
Zach Snow, Manager at Car-Mart of Centerton, talking with Sales Associate, Hannah.

It’s been a two-year whirlwind journey for Zach, who joined Car-Mart in December 2017 as a Sales Associate in Carthage, MO. After three short months he was assigned to the company’s Manager in Training program in Joplin, Mo. Three months later, he moved to Stillwater, OK as Assistant Manager. Nearly a year later, he was named Manager at the Centerton, AR store.

Indeed, Zach achieved his goal for himself and Shiloh. “It’s a great feeling to accomplish this goal. It’s what I sought out from day one,” says Zach. “I went from working close to my hometown of Neosho, MO. to living nearly four hours away. It happened quickly. Time flies when you’re really busy and having fun.”

Inseparable as kids and with birthdays one day apart, Zach and Shiloh did everything together – biking, hiking, swimming, golfing. “Shiloh was such a good guy. He would do anything for you,” says Zach. “I learned from Shiloh – never take life for granted. One day you wake up and the next day your whole world is crashing down. Take one day at a time.

“And I miss him and think about him every day,” Zach continues.

Zach Snow, buy here pay here bad credit loan expert in Centerton AR
Zach Snow, Manager at Car-Mart of Centerton, standing in front of the Car-Mart racecar in the lobby of his dealership.
From puppies and heartbeats to cars and engines

Prior to joining Car-Mart, Zach was a purchasing agent for a dog-breeding company. For Zach this was a great change because it meant having the opportunity to be with people and help them.

“I enjoy helping others. It’s nice to help put someone in a car that others may not help. It’s nice to help them get into a ride for going back and forth to work or taking their kids to school,” says Zach.

For Zach, it goes far beyond just selling used cars at Car-Mart.

“My customers come from all walks of life. They’re all different, but they come from the same background as I do,” continues Zach, who enjoys getting to know his customers. “It’s nice to know them by name. This doesn’t happen at other dealerships.

Starting as a sales associate helped Zach be a better manager. As the boss of his own store, his days are busier than ever and he’s a leader to a team of five associates. Daily, he prepares the store for his sales associates, checks the inventory, cleans cars, makes the lot presentable for customers, meets with the account representatives and handles repairs.

Then it’s time to greet his customers with “welcome to Car-Mart. Thank you for coming in today. How may I help you?” says Zach.

Building his Car-Mart career

“Car-Mart has helped me evolve. I have a lot of responsibilities. Car-Mart has developed me into the man I am today,” Zach says.

“I never dreamed I would be a GM at Car-Mart. I want to do all I can to hit that next level,” concludes Zach. “I plan on being here for a very long time. I have a lot of goals with this company, and I’m just getting started. My goal is to be one of the most successful GMs in the next five years. I’ve been here just a few years, and it feels good knowing I can make a career here.”

Centerton AR used car dealership
The team at Car-Mart of Centerton.

So, if you’re in the market for a new quality, used vehicle, stop by to see Zach and his team in Centerton. Or just stop by, get some popcorn, and say ‘hi’.

Learn more about how you can join the winning Car-Mart team and grow into a manager position just like Zach!

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