Developing Leaders

Car-Mart offers a Future Managers’ training program that provides a roadmap for associate advancement. Our aim is to educate and inspire our associates to be leaders of the business. Through the program, our associates learn every facet of operating a Car-Mart store from vehicle inventory to profit and loss. They, also, acquire management techniques and leadership skills. Upon completion of this 90-day immersion in our business, our associates are then empowered to effectively run their own store.

Since 2019, we’ve graduated more than 300 associates from our Future Managers’ Training. 

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America’s Car-Mart Future Managers’ Training Program

90-days of workshops, seminars and hands-on applications

  • Car-Mart’s mission, vision and values
  • Collections procedures
  • Customer service techniques
  • Expense management
  • Facility management
  • Inventory management
  • Leadership skills
  • Management and development of associates
  • Purchasing guidelines
  • Sales processes
  • Vehicle evaluations
America’s Car-Mart Future Managers’ Training Program

Straight from our Associates

Rod Liston
Stacy Barrett
Wes Bailey
Alex Brown
Jessica Brockman
Jonathan Devlin

Rod Liston

General Manager

Centerton, Arkansas

Stacy Barrett

Sr. Manager of Remarketing

Corporate Purchasing

Wes Bailey

General Manager

Woodstock, Georgia

Alex Brown

Dealership Development Manager

Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Jessica Brockman

Assistant Manager

Springfield South, Missouri

Jonathan Devlin


Dalton, Georgia

"The Future Managers’ training program was exciting because the company is investing in my development, both through the program and at the store level. The company is investing in my success. It’s really gratifying to be a part of something special and to be a part of such a great team. The company wants me to be successful."

"After the training, I feel I am a stronger person. I believe in myself more. The training changed me and helped me see a better me. I also believe in Car-Mart, and I know I work for a company that will back me. The company is serious about its core values, and that means a lot to me."

"The Future Managers’ training program was important to me because I’m all about education. Training helps the growth of the people and if the people are growing, the company is growing. It’s an amazing opportunity. Someone saw the potential in me and someone gave me the opportunity. Just give me the opportunity and I’ll prove myself. Many other places don’t give you this kind of opportunity. If Car-Mart sees potential, they’ll give you the opportunity and help you grow."

"From the Future Managers’ training, I gained first-hand experience about the overall Car-Mart business. Gaining the knowledge is key. And, knowledge is power. It’s gratifying to be a part of an ever-evolving system of management training. That’s pretty special to me."

"The Future Managers’ training exposes you to every facet of the business. It’s good for anyone with any experience level. There’s so much to learn about this business. Since I joined Car-Mart almost five years ago, I’ve known how to do many jobs, but I wasn’t in a position to grow as a leader. The training helped to hone my leadership skillset and pushed me a little further on how to transition from a regular level associate to a manager. The training fine-tuned my expectations as a leader within the company."

"The thing that was most impressive to me was Car-Mart’s mission, vision and values. They’re on the walls, but the Car-Mart leaders really believe them and strive to live them out each and every day. Also, in this industry, I learned that Car-Mart is interested in delivering quality cars and great service. It’s really refreshing to me that we are treated with respect and given the support we need. That’s rare these days."

Curious about the Program?

Our associates answered some questions about their experience.

How has the Future Managers’ training helped your career at Car-Mart?

The Future Managers’ training program helps evaluate to see where you’re at as a manager. With this level of knowledge and drive and being pro-active, it adds value as a manager. The more you know about the business the more you can help your associates.

How did it come about that you participated in Future Managers’ training?

I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the Future Managers’ training program. I wanted to continue an upward momentum at Car-Mart. I love my job. I love the people I work with. And, I want to continue my growth here for a very long time. The company truly takes care of its associates.

What does it mean to you that you participated in the Future Managers’ training program?

The training shows my value to my manager, my staff and my company. There are a lot of things about Car-Mart that makes me feel valued and important. The company is really good about letting you know what you mean to them. We trust you; we value you. That’s Car-Mart, and that means a lot to me.

How do you think this training makes you better? Makes Car-Mart better?

The training is a way to network and bring importance to leadership. The company brings you into the corporate office to meet everyone. Through the training, the company provides you the knowledge of who you’re working for and why. Not a lot of companies offer this kind of training.

What did you hope to achieve?

I wanted to learn about the company and its culture. And, now, I want to help protect that culture and create an environment where associates are excited to be a part of Car-Mart. I look forward to going to our stores and motivating and giving our associates an understand of what Car-Mart is all about.

What are your career goals at Car-Mart?

This company has been very good to me. The people I’ve met have been amazing. And, the Future Managers’ training has been a huge hope to me personally and professionally. I’m a different person than I was five years ago. This company offers a lot of opportunity, and I’m thankful for the opportunity.

Does Car-Mart pay for the relocation?

Yes, I was able to get the funds in ample time for what I needed to accomplish my move.

Can you tell me about your relocation experience?

My relocation experience was spot on! What I needed to do was clearly communicated with me. Relocating could’ve been a very stressful situation and time. My overall move experience WAS A 10 OUT OF 10!

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