We will continue to grow our business through strategic acquisitions of buy here pay here used car dealerships. Legitimate inquiries can be directed to Steve Taylor, Director of Acquisitions, at [email protected].

Expanding our Brand

At Car-Mart, we understand that transitioning from a buy here pay here used car dealership can be daunting. That’s why we offer a comprehensive exit strategy for owner-operators looking to move on to the next stage of their careers. We provide a successful alternative to using a broker to sell your buy here pay here business. We are committed to providing a seamless and supportive experience for all parties involved in the acquisition process.

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Employees Retained

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Maximized Value for Existing Portfolio

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Flexible Exit Options

New Acquisition

Existing Dealership

Our Acquisition Strategy

“We expect acquisitions to continue to generate outstanding returns for our shareholders, an exit strategy for owner- operators, and future growth opportunities for their associates.

In our markets, the best competitors have generally been a subset of the owner-operated dealerships – those operated by individuals who have chosen not to borrow excessively, focus on getting a sound automobile to their customers on reasonable terms, and provide both friendly service and disciplined collections. We believe we have developed a successful acquisition template which works for both parties.”

Jeff Williams
Chief Executive Officer
(Company Release – 12/05/2022)

Steve Taylor America's Car-Mart Director of Acquistions

A Note From Our Director of Acquisitions

“Exit strategies are a challenge for dealers in our industry. The acquisition of my company [Taylor Motor Company] by America’s Car-Mart was a very positive experience for my team in Illinois. As an acquired dealer myself, I’m in a unique position to talk to other dealers and share my personal experiences. I’m excited to start talking to good operators who are interested in hearing about exit options that may exist for them as we continue to expand the Car-Mart brand.”

Steve Taylor
Director of Acquisitions

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Car-Mart Seeks Well-Established Dealerships

  • Offering conservative cost per unit
  • Geographically located in states, or contiguous, where Car-Mart currently operates
  • Mid-size cities desirable, but would consider desirable operators in larger markets
  • Customer-centric focus with high volume repeat customers
  • Passionate about customer service
  • Employees are the heart of the business
  • Strong tradition of community involvement
  • Focused on ideals similar to Car-Mart’s mission, vision, and values

Acquisitions News

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PODCAST: America’s Car-Mart Director of Acquisitions Steve Taylor

If Steve Taylor told another buy-here, pay-here operator, “I know what you’re going through,” he would be speaking from legitimate experience.

Taylor Texas is now America's Car-Mart

Taylor Auto Credit is now America’s Car-Mart

Previous Owner Keith Hagler Shares His Company’s Story

We will continue to grow our business through strategic acquisitions. Legitimate inquiries can be directed to Steve Taylor, Director of Acquisitions, at [email protected].