Taylor Texas is now America's Car-Mart

Taylor Auto Credit is now America’s Car-Mart

Previous Owner Keith Hagler Shares His Company’s Story

It’s official. Taylor Auto Credit in Taylor, Texas is now America’s Car-Mart. And Car-Mart is proud to open the doors to our 155th dealership (and 14th dealership in Texas).

A leader in the automobile industry and car enthusiast, Keith Hagler, owner of Taylor Auto Credit, will continue as General Manager for the Taylor dealership. Keith has held several leadership positions on the Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association (TIADA). The organization awarded Keith a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013 when he was inducted into their Hall of Fame. [Learn more about Keith’s lifetime accomplishments below].

Keith recently talked about his company and why being a part of Car-Mart is a great opportunity for Taylor Auto Credit, its associates, customers, and communities.

What’s the story of Taylor Auto Credit?

Well, I didn’t have any money, and three retired ministers loaned the money to open one dealership in Taylor in January 1990. That took off, and we grew from there. I repaid all my creditors with interest. At one time, we had five locations.

Taylor Auto Credit Previous logoMy claim to fame is my participation in the state and national independent dealer associations, where I’ve been involved for 30 years serving in various leadership positions. I’ve been president of the national association. Plus, I’ve been active with the 20 Group, an informal group of used car dealers who meet four times a year to talk about the business and learn from each other.

That’s been our success at Taylor Auto Credit. I’ve been blessed with great associates, some of whom are coming up on 25 years.

Also, I think my involvement in the state and national associations has contributed to our success. I enjoyed my involvement. I love the car industry. I love the people in the business. I’m intrigued by it. Whether it’s lobbying at the state Capitol or in D.C., or doing legislative work, I love it. I enjoy giving back to the industry. And what the association has done for dealers is amazing.

What’s the secret to the success of your business?

A lot of prayer. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned from them. Also, being in the right place at the right time.

We’ve been blessed with great customers through the years. We treated them right, which led to us never having to do any advertising. Instead of spending money on advertising, we chose to spend those funds on taking care of customers’ repairs. This led to our customers, their families, and friends, becoming loyal customers, including generational sales.

What is the business model of Taylor Auto Credit?

As a rule, our model has stayed consistent. We sell the best car we can, we get the most down, and we help the customer along the way.

Our values align with those of Car-Mart. We serve our customers, we’re involved in our community, and we strive for repeat business. When it comes to our community, we’re very active as we sponsor just about every event in Taylor, and we support many local charities. We enjoy giving back to our community.

What made you decide to sell Taylor Auto Credit to Car-Mart?

It was time. My wife and daughter work in the business, and a succession plan was needed. After talking to Jeff Williams [CEO] and Steve Taylor [Director of Acquisitions] I was intrigued. Car-Mart’s vision aligns with that of Taylor Auto Credit. Plus, our values align with Car-Mart’s values – of serving customers, being involved in the community, and repeat business. That was extremely important to me. I’ll continue to work at the Taylor location as General Manager for three years along with my wife and daughter.

The transition has been smooth. Car-Mart has been incredible to work with. They keep their word and are extremely helpful when we have a question. From a dealer’s perspective, if anyone is interested in exiting the business, Car-Mart is the way to go.

What do you want your community to know about selling your business to Car-Mart?

It’s a great deal for the community. We’ll still be here. The faces won’t change. Car-Mart is a great company, and they can take us to the next level.

Welcome Taylor Auto Credit to America’s Car-Mart!

And we’re delighted to continue Taylor Auto Credit’s legacy of delivering a great customer experience to customers. Most of all, we extend a warm welcome to the associates at Taylor Auto Credit as they become part of our Car-Mart family. Learn more.

All of us at America’s Car-Mart welcome Keith and Marcia Hagler, along with all Taylor Auto Credit associates to the Car-Mart family. We’re delighted to continue Taylor’s legacy of delivering a great customer experience to customers. And we can’t wait to see what we can do together! Learn more about Car-Mart’s acquisition of Taylor Auto Credit.

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