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Tara Sanders Shares Kynley’s Story

Tara with her husband, son, and daughter

“The doctors are so caring. They make you feel like you aren’t just a patient and that you are their number one priority – no matter how big or small the issue.”

So says Tara Sanders about Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Little Rock. Tara’s daughter, Kynley, was rushed to the children’s hospital when she was two weeks old.

Kynley’s story

Tara is our Accounts Payable Manager at America’s Car-Mart in Rogers, Ark., and she shares Kynley’s story:

Kynley was born on February 5, 2015, with no issues. She was a healthy baby. However, a week later at Kynley’s first checkup, the doctor heard a heart murmur and scheduled an echocardiogram just to make sure everything was okay.

Kynley in the hospital
Kynley in the hospital

When the cardiologist saw the results of the echo, he insisted they immediately get baby Kynley to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. “I had to hand the phone to my husband. I couldn’t keep it together,’’ says Tara. So, she and her husband sped away for the four-hour drive from Rogers to Little Rock.

“When we got to Little Rock, we learned that a valve to Kynley’s heart was closed, which caused one half of her heart to have to work harder. They did a balloon procedure through the leg to blow up the side,” recalls Tara.

The surgery lasted an hour and a half, the longest hour of her life, says Tara. “They called it a heart procedure, but it was very serious to us,” she adds. “We were lucky it wasn’t more serious.”

Today, Kynley, at six years old, has had an echo test annually. Soon it will be every other year. And she’s doing great!

Kynley shopping
Kynley shopping

“The folks at the Children’s Hospital were absolutely amazing,” Tara remarks. “Other doctors at other hospitals sit down to go over insurance before they do procedures, but at children’s, they just whisk you right in.”

Spreading holiday cheer to children

“It’s pretty awesome that Car-Mart conducts a toy drive. There are so many kids at the hospitals, and the hospitals want the kids to feel special at Christmas,” continues Tara.

Car-Mart Associates dropping off toys
Car-Mart Associates dropping off toys

“They do more than take care of their ailments; they also go above and beyond to make sure the kids have something all year long.”

“For the Car-Mart toy drive, we want to make it a point that you don’t know when your family might have to deal with something similar,” Tara concludes. “So, if you can give just a little something, it all adds up. You never know when you might have to stay at the hospital for a few days or even a month.”

Want to help kids like Kynley?

Bring a toy (or two or three) to your local America’s Car-Mart. We’ll take it from there. In December, our Car-Mart associates will deliver the toys to the kids at 25 children’s hospitals in our 12-state area.

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