A Lasting Relationship

Brenda Patterson purchases 22 used vehicles in 33 years from America’s Car-Mart

Car-Mart customer Brenda Patterson purchasing her latest vehicle from Car-Mart

Twenty-two vehicles in 33 years. Since 1989, Brenda Patterson has returned to America’s Car-Mart to purchase vehicles for herself, her children and her grandchildren!

Brenda says Car-Mart is family, Car-Mart is peace of mind, Car-Mart sells good vehicles, and Car-Mart is loyal to her.

“If I give you my word, my word is my bond, and I get that from Car-Mart,” says Brenda. “If they tell me they can help me, they will help me. They are very understanding.”

Car-Mart memories

Brenda remembers her many experiences at Car-Mart of Texarkana and Mount Pleasant, Texas. “I started buying cars at Car-Mart. It was convenient for me and convenient for Car-Mart. They do things differently for me,” says Brenda.

She recalls her first Car-Mart experience. “When I pulled up in the parking lot, it felt different. They came out and asked if they could help me,” says Brenda. “The first impression you give me is the one I’ll never forget. And I never forgot that about Car-Mart.”

Car-Mart customer Brenda Patterson
Car-Mart customer Brenda Patterson

From that day, Brenda says she doesn’t know how many friends and family she’s recommended to Car-Mart as part of the company’s Sell-A-Friend program.

Through the years, she’s had a 2002 Ford F-150, 2005 Chrysler 300, 2012 Honda Sonata and 2014 Ford Focus, to name a few favorites. The other vehicles are vehicles purchased for her six children and 37 grandchildren.

“I want them to build their credit, and if something happens, I know Car-Mart will work with them,” says Brenda, while adding her father taught her and her sisters to take good care of their vehicles. “Check your oil and tires – that feeds your car. When you purchase a car, you have to take care of it. And I’ve taught this to my kids.”

A lasting relationship

“Brenda is one of our greatest customers, and we appreciate being her ‘car people of choice.’” Says Chance Armstrong, General Manager at Car-Mart of Texarkana.  “She has always been transparent with us, and we have always treated her with respect and integrity. We will serve Brenda and her family for a long time. We thank Brenda for being a loyal customer.”

Car-Mart customer Brenda Patterson
Car-Mart customer Brenda Patterson

The busy working woman and single mom now shops for vehicles on Car-Mart.com. When she sees something she likes, she calls Car-Mart, and they’ll take care of her. “I can call one person at Car-Mart, ask a question, and get the process going. That means a lot when you work,” says Brenda. “When I get to Car-Mart, everything is ready to go.”

“My thing with Car-Mart – they take care of me,” Brenda concludes. “If you want a car, go to Car-Mart.”

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