“Catering to our Customers”

Listen to Car-Mart President & CEO Jeff Williams on the “How That Happened” podcast by Hogan Taylor Advisory.

How That Happened Podcast Cover Image Featuring Jeff Williams

Recently, Jeff Williams, President & CEO at America’s Car-Mart, talked about the Company on HoganTaylor’s “How That Happened” podcast. Jeff discussed Car-Mart’s approach to business and how Car-Mart is different from traditional dealerships. He also shared how Car-Mart helps customers with financial challenges and keeps them on the road.

Here’s a sneak peek at how Jeff described the business of Car-Mart, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year: “We focus on the success of our customers. Keeping the term short and then providing outstanding service after the sale to give them peace of mind with one stressful area of life. That’s that local transportation,” says Jeff.

Thanks to HoganTaylor of HoganTaylor Advisory for hosting this conversation. Take a listen!

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