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Top five reasons why Christy enjoys working at Car-Mart

Christy Godsey-Price

For some, work is a chore. Not so for Christy Godsey. For Christy, Car-Mart is a great place to work and a company that cares about its customers and associates.

“Car-Mart is everything that is too good to be true. It’s for real at Car-Mart,” says Christy, Vice President – Operations in Training.

Indeed, Car-Mart is the ideal place for Christy. The company offers all that inspires her – the opportunity to grow and develop personally and professionally, a strong learning environment and the ability to help people.

Christy’s top five reasons on why she delights in going to work every day at Car-Mart:

  1. People
    “The thing that drew me to the company was the people. Everyone I met loved the company. We have so many associates who have a passion for what we do. It’s humbling to come to work with such amazing people.’
  2. Culture
    “I enjoy the fellowship among our associates. One of the things that makes it so easy to show up every day is the culture of family in our company. I get to spend every day with people I enjoy working with.”
  3. Feeling of Value
    “You feel valued at Car-Mart, and there is so much opportunity to collaborate. You can voice your opinion and it’s okay to be wrong and learn from your mistakes. You’re a person at Car-Mart. At other places, you’re a number. Here you matter.”
  4. Associate Development
    Christy Godsey-Price meeting with an associate.
    Christy Godsey-Price meeting with an associate.

    “The training never stops. We have so many fantastic people. We have quarterly meetings and I learn something every single time. I may learn something from our COO, our collections leader or another Area Operations Manager. You can learn from anyone that works for Car-Mart.”

  5. Opportunity
    “My future at Car-Mart is where the company needs me. I want to move up and progress and do more. I want to be where I am the most useful. Also, in this business, you’re impacting people’s lives. There’s also the opportunity to help other people, both customers, and associates.”
Christy’s Car-Mart story

After working in the medical field for many years, Christy decided it was time for a change. Car-Mart came calling and she joined Car-Mart in December 2012 as an Assistant Office Manager at Car-Mart of Mountain Home, AR. Two months later, her General Manager convinced her to participate in the company’s Future Manager training program.

“At that time, I didn’t know anything about Car-Mart,” Christy says.

Onward and upward

After the Future Manager training, she was promoted to Assistant Manager at Car-Mart of West Plains, MO. and six months later, she transferred to Tuscaloosa, AL. as General Manager. She then relocated to Bentonville, AR. to serve as Senior Compliance Manager before moving into the General Manager training department.

Christy Godsey-Price meeting with one of her General Managers.
Christy Godsey-Price meeting with one of her General Managers.

Overall, Christy has helped train nearly 30 new General Managers. “Seeing where those people were and relate to them in their first few months in their new roles is incredibly rewarding,” says Christy.

In 2018, she assumed her current position in Mountain Home, Ark. “When I joined Car-Mart, I never thought I would be an Area Operations Manager,” she says. “I’m not a risk-taker and didn’t really want to move away from home. It was challenging. It was also rewarding because you find out that you can do things you didn’t think you could do.”

“Yet, I really enjoyed the experience and living in different places. It gave me an opportunity to develop and grow as a person,” continues Christy, who as Area Operations Manager, oversees seven Car-Mart stores. She also trains and develops the GMs at these stores.

She was especially proud when all her General Managers received the company’s projection award in 2018, achieving their annual goals for their dealership.

Christy, herself, received this award in 2014 when she was a General Manager. “For me, at that time, that was the ultimate achievement. It showed my success over the year,” mentions Christy, who also received the Accounts Receivable award that same year. “This reinforced the fact that working hard and doing what you love pays off.”

Opportunity at Car-Mart

Car-Mart VPO in Training, Christy Godsey-Price.Hailing from a small town of 900 people, Christy is appreciative of the opportunities afforded to her at Car-Mart. “I don’t have a formal college education. I get to do things for my daughter and stepsons that I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise,” she says.

“Every single day is a good day at Car-Mart – seeing the people you work with grow and get better at what they’re doing,” concludes Christy. “Working at Car-Mart, it’s the best opportunity you will ever get,” Christy concludes.

Read on to learn how you can build a rewarding career like Christy at America’s Car-Mart.

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