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How to Get Pre-Qualified for Financing at Car-Mart

See an Instant Amount with No Credit Hit in Less than 5 Minutes

If you’re in the market for a used car and have bad credit, don’t let financing worries hold you back. Pre-qualify for financing at America’s Car-Mart and take the first step towards driving the car of your dreams.

Our all-new financing pre-qualification application is now available online at You’ll know the amount you’re pre-qualified for before you go – saving you time at the dealership! Think of it as the express lane for used car financing. Read on to learn how pre-qualification at Car-Mart provides several advantages for credit-challenged shoppers looking to buy a used car.

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We know you’re busy, and your time is valuable. Get pre-qualified anywhere, and know the amount you’re pre-qualified for before you get to the dealership.

Get pre-qualified for your financing amount

By pre-qualifying at, you’ll quickly receive a text message notification with the financing amount you’re eligible for. From there, you can confidently schedule an appointment at the dealership. You’ll know before you go to the dealership so you can make an informed decision and save time.

Says customer Jennifer Y.:

“I was pre-qualified after completing the application online, and I have an appointment on Saturday. … I appreciate the help and attentiveness I received. Thank you…”

[Note that your pre-qualification amount is based on the information you submit in your application].

Get pre-qualified with no credit hit

That’s right, there’s no hit to your credit when you pre-qualify for a vehicle at Car-Mart. This simply means that checking how much you qualify for will NOT impact your credit score.

Says customer Melissa F.:

“After going through a devastating credit problem…, I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to get a vehicle. … My fears were eased when I received the call that I was pre-qualified. … Thank you for making this experience much less scary than I imagined it to be.”

Get pre-qualified within 5 minutes

Woman with children showing a Car-Mart associate her phone with her pre-qualified financing amount
When you get pre-qualified, you’ll know the amount you’re pre-qualified when you visit the dealership. Show us the amount, and we’ll get you quickly on your way.

The process is fast and easy. When you hit the submit button, you’ll immediately receive a text message and/or a telephone call letting you know we reviewed your application and asking you to set up an appointment at your local dealership.

If we are able to connect with you on the phone, we will guide you through the car-buying process and provide you with all the necessary information on what to bring to the dealership. Our goal is to ensure you are fully prepared with everything you need when you arrive at the dealership.

Says customer Jennifer P.:

“2nd car from here, excellent service, quick, easy process.”

Get pre-qualified with a co-buyer

Woman and children looking at vehicle options at Car-Mart
When the kids are happy, you’re happy. Get pre-qualified and know the amount you’re pre-qualified for. Then, select your vehicle and get on your way!

If you plan to have a co-buyer, that person will receive an email inviting them to complete an application (as a co-applicant). Once the co-buyer submits their application, it will be processed.

Says customer Victor Y.:

“Co-buying for a friend, all went well. Applied for another vehicle and was approved! Good people and services.”

If you cannot complete the pre-qualification online, our Car-Mart associates are happy to help you at the dealership.

Get pre-qualified for a quality, used vehicle at America’s Car-Mart. Anytime, anywhere – at your convenience. Our stress-free financing process is fast, easy, and secure. You’ll know what you are pre-qualified for BEFORE you arrive at the dealership.

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Get Started to Pre-Qualify

Make Sure You Have This Information for the App:

  • Name, contact information
  • Date of birth and social security number
  • Residence information
  • Anticipated down payment
  • Housing type and monthly payment
  • Monthly income, as well as start date
  • Kind of vehicle you’re looking to purchase (optional)


Get Pre-Qualified


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