It’s Fall Car Care Month

5 Checks to Extend the Life of your Car

car driving down a road

Have you checked your tires lately? What about your brakes?

October is Fall Car Care Month. It’s that time of year to get your car ready for winter – cold weather, snow, ice – and ensure your vehicle is up to date on maintenance and repairs.

Taking care of your car now can go a long way in avoiding costly repairs. And preventative maintenance can extend the life of your car, improve fuel efficiency and improve the reliability and safety of your investment.

Here are 5 basic maintenance checks to keep your vehicle operating in tip-top shape:

  1. Check your oil.Checking the vehicle engine oil

Changing your oil regularly is important as the oil keeps the engine parts moving and properly lubricated to avoid damage. Check out our As the Wheels Turn – 8 Things to Know about Your Vehicle Oil Changes.

  1. Check your battery.

A car battery is essential to the life of your vehicle. Review our How to Keep Your Car Battery Running Longer.

  1. Check your brakes.

Brakes are critical in stopping your car. Check out Squeal, Squeak, Grind – 3 Sounds You Don’t Want to Hear.

  1. Check your tires.

Properly inflated tires can save you money, help with your gas mileage and help maintain your vehicle’s overall health. For more info, go to As the Wheels Turn – 8 Things to Know about Your Vehicle Oil Changes

  1. Check out Car-Mart’s 10 basic Maintenance tips

A solid maintenance plan will go a long way in decreasing repair costs and increasing your vehicle’s resale value. Check out our tips in How to Maintain Your Vehicle.

Here’s more tips for preparing your car for the winter. Learn more in Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter Driving.

Bottom line, make sure your car is ready for winter and give your car some extra attention.

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