The Canopy Project

How One Trade-in Led to a Canopy of Giving

Car-Mart Woodstock with Denisha Bradford

Timing is everything.

“You showed up at the perfect time,” says Brennon Hittner, General Manager at America’s Car-Mart of Woodstock Ga., to customer Denisha Bradford.

Brennon had just received a canopy tent from a customer for a vehicle trade-in. That’s when Denisha walked into Car-Mart. Denisha works at The Reserve at Towne Lake, an elderly assisted living facility in Woodstock.

“We needed shade in the courtyard for warmer months for our residents at Towne Lake,” says Denisha, Caregiver at The Reserve at Towne Lake. “So, it was perfect timing.”

And that’s how the canopy tent, a trade-in at Car-Mart, found its new home at The Reserve at Towne Lake.

“I was over the moon when we worked this out,” says Brennon. “It’s always great to pay it forward, especially when there’s a need. This is the favorite part of my job. I absolutely love being able to reinvest into the community.”

“And Car-Mart didn’t stop there,” says Denisha. “Brennon called and asked to do more so we created an Amazon wish list for our center.”

Car-Mart makes it happen

It’s not just the canopy tent that makes Denisha delighted about Car-Mart, it’s how Car Mart continually goes above and beyond to help her. Denisha is a loyal, repeat Car-Mart customer, having purchased six vehicles from the company.

“I’ve had three major losses in my family, and Car-Mart worked with me every time on payments. Car-Mart has always offered to help me,” says Denisha, whose favorite car is her newest one, a Town and Country minivan.

Denisha Bradford with the canopy tent she received from Car-Mart Woodstock
Denisha Bradford with the canopy tent she received from Car-Mart Woodstock

The Woodstock Car-Mart team helped Denisha‘s aunt, Tracy, when Tracy lost her husband. “It was a very touching moment,” recalls Denisha, who has recommended over 30 people to Car-Mart during the past five years.

“When you go to buy a car at Car-Mart they don’t bombard you,” Denisha says. “They never start with ‘how much money do you have?’ Instead, they ask about your needs. And they will work with you to get you something you want and that fits your budget.”

Not just a customer

“With Car-Mart, it’s never business first, it’s always personal first,” says Denisha. “When my grandson was born and when my dad died, the Car-Mart general manager called me. It’s an awesome thing. You’re not just a customer to Car-Mart.”

In fact, Car-Mart makes you feel like family. “They know you. And they make it a point to do so,” continues Denisha, who also appreciates Car-Mart’s Peace of Mind optional service contract package. “Not a lot of places offer this. It’s a really great option to have.”

Denisha says Car-Mart keeps her on the road with affordable quality vehicles. Plus, Car-Mart goes above and beyond.

Extra – ordinary

Like Car-Mart, Denisha also goes above and beyond. She’s extra-ordinary. A third-generation caregiver, Denisha has created the Betty Stickford Foundation in memory of her grandmother. She is following in the footsteps of both her mother and grandmother and paying it forward to others. The community closet at the Reserve at Towne Lake is always stocked with necessary supplies for those in need.

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