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What’s Your Dream Car?

5 Steps to Getting the Car of Your Dreams at America’s Car-Mart

We all have a dream car. Maybe it’s a red sports car or a truck, or perhaps it’s just something that gets you back and forth to work. From SUVs to sedans, there’s a dream car for everyone.

If you’re looking for your dream car, America’s Car-Mart is the place for you. Plus, we make the car-buying process easy.

Here’s how to get into the car of your dreams. It’s an easy five-step process – the fifth step is the most fun!

5 steps to getting behind the wheel of your dream car
  1. Think Car-Mart first.

We’re all cars! We have plenty of quality, used vehicles – cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans. All makes and models, affordable used car financing, and we trade for just about anything of value.

A map of all of the current Car-Mart locations.
Current Car-Mart locations

We have over 150 convenient locations in 12 states.

Plus, we’ll work out a payment you can afford – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment options that match your pay schedule. And we offer affordable down payments.

Finally, our Peace of Mind package includes optional service contracts, a 7-day exchange policy, an optional accident protection plan, and convenient payment options.

  1. Start the process online at

We encourage you to apply for financing using our online credit app at You’ll be asked about the kind of vehicle are you looking for, anticipated down payment, residence and income.

This information is required for Car-Mart to review your personal situation.

By completing the online credit app, it will expedite the car-buying process and save you time at the dealership.

Learn more about our financing process in our blog – Four Easy Steps to Car Buying and Financing at America’s Car-Mart.

  1. Select the vehicle that’s right for you.

See number 1 – we’re all cars! And we will help you find the used car you want. Start shopping online for your dream car.A Car-Mart associate shaking a customer's hand.

What vehicles are on the lot that fit your needs? Get an idea of what you’re looking for and single out a vehicle that interests you.

  1. Go to the dealership.

We’ll be waiting for you. Come and test drive your dream car. When you drive it, ask yourself if it makes you happy, does it put a smile on your face, and does it feel good to drive it? If the answer is yes, move on to number 5.

  1. Drive away in your dream car!

We’ll be so excited to hand the keys to your dream car to you. Enjoy the feeling.

A Car-Mart sales associate handing the car keys to a customer.
Handing over the keys

And because it’s the car of your dreams, be sure to properly maintain it so you can drive it for a long, long time.

After you drive away, Car-Mart is here to help you throughout your payment term. After all, you’re a part of our Car-Mart family.

At Car-Mart, a dream car is more than just a dream, it’s a reality. Treat yourself to your dream car. You work hard, you deserve it, drive your dream.

Dreaming starts at Car-Mart

See what our customers have to say about buying their dream car at Car-Mart.

We helped them, and we can help you, too!

What’s your dream car?

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