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A clean car = happy you

Make washing your car a part of your general maintenance routine, advises Mandi Lopez-Brown, Car-Mart Car Expert

You’ve spent a lot of money on your car. You spend a lot to keep it maintained including regular oil changes, brake checks, tire rotations and more. Plus, you probably spend a lot of time in your vehicle.

So, another way to keep your investment looking good is as simple as washing your car, according to Mandi, Lopez-Brown, General Manager at Car-Mart of Rogers North, Arkansas and Car Expert.

“A clean car can put a smile on your face,” Mandi says. “Besides who wants to drive around in a dirty vehicle?” Seventy-four percent of drivers feel much better about themselves when their car is shiny, according to an independent survey conducted by IMO Car Wash Group.

Sure, cleaning your car is a commitment, but it’s worth the money and time investment. Here’s why:

  • General maintenance checkup
    When cleaning your car, it’s a good time to check for things that may be broken (license plates, headlights, tail lights). Pop the hood and look for loose wires and check for corrosion on the battery connections.
  • Exterior finish
    Dirt, grime and salt can damage the finish. Maintaining your car’s exterior is important in preserving it and can extend the life of a car.
  • Safety
    Windows, mirrors and windshield should be clean at all times for optimum visibility. Simply, clean cars are safer.

“When you show your vehicle some TLC, you’re investing in its future because you’ll have better resale and trade-in value,” says Mandi. “Keep your car looking new with regular washing.”

Father and daughter wash the car

Here’s Mandi’s 3-step checklist for washing your car:

  1. Wash your vehicle every week – or at least every other week. Wash the body and hose out the fender wells and undercarriage to remove dirt and road salt. Wash more frequently in the winter.
  2. Wax at least every six months. When water beads on the finish become larger than a quarter, it’s time for a wax job.
  3. Clean the interior every few months. Vacuum the floor mats and seat upholstery. Wipe down the dash console. Also, clean the leather seats every few months.

Car Care Tips-Detailing-Clean Your Car

“Keeping your car clean is a low-cost way to maintain value in your car,” Mandi concludes. “Plus, you’ll feel better and look better. So, take pride in your vehicle and respect it.”

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