Zade Flores, Assistant Manager at America’s Car-Mart of Muskogee, OK

A Salute to Hispanic Heritage Month

Zade Flores Reminisces about His Heritage

Learning first-hand about Hispanic history from his grandmother is special for Zade Flores. “My family got to participate to help get where we are today,” says Zade, our Assistant Manager at America’s Car-Mart of Muskogee, Okla.

Zade’s grandmother marched with Cesar Chavez many years ago. She emigrated from Mexico to California and found a job in the fields to take care of her five children. She met Chavez, the Mexican American labor leader and civil rights activist, and joined in the effort to improve working and living conditions for Hispanic workers.

Zade's grandmother, Martha, on the left; his other grandmother, Gloria, is on the right
Zade’s grandmother, Martha, on the left; his other grandmother, Gloria, is on the right

It’s this story that makes us extra proud to highlight Zade during Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s a month-long celebration of the contributions that Hispanic Americans have made to the history, culture and achievements of the United States.

And since Zade joined Car-Mart as a Sales Associate in Muskogee in 2018, he’s made many contributions to our company. Zade participated in our Future Manager program where he learned all facets of the Car-Mart business.

“Car-Mart is everything I love,” Zade says. “I love working with cars and people. Getting someone a car can really change their lives, so it’s meaningful work.”

Here’s more from Zade about his Hispanic heritage:

What does your Hispanic heritage mean to you? What makes you most proud of your culture?

It means a lot to me. It’s good to know where you come from. It’s your background to who your family is and who your people are. It definitely helps me appreciate who I am as a person.

I’m proud about how hard-working Hispanics seem to be. Every Hispanic has worked hard for what they wanted, and I really appreciate that about my culture.

Why is Hispanic Heritage Month important to you?

Homemade barbacoa
Homemade barbacoa

Hispanic culture is everywhere from food, music, movies and more. It’s really changed the entire way we live. It’s a good time to appreciate where we started, to where we are now. It’s big for me, personally, to see how everything has changed and what everyone has gone through.


How will you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

Since I love to cook, I will cook some of my favorite dishes. Empanadas and homemade barbacoa. I’ll use my grandmother’s recipe for the barbacoas. I follow it by heart and put some of my touches on it.

What’s your favorite Hispanic tradition and music?
Zade's younger cousins just before they started the quinceaneras
Zade’s younger cousins just before they started the quinceaneras

I love quinceaneras. It’s my number one favorite. I have tons of cousins, so it’s been fun to see them transition and see their happiness.

And I love the bachata, a Hispanic line dance.

How can we continue to raise awareness of Hispanic heritage and create a more inclusive world?

Just talk about it more. Speak out. Let your neighbor know. Explore Hispanic traditions. Try some of the food. Plan a vacation to see how other cultures live.

We also should keep an open mind and respect other cultures. Never be afraid to learn about something new and different. I’m proud to be from a Hispanic background and be able to make a change in this world.

At Car-Mart, we encourage everyone to learn and explore Hispanic traditions. Try some of the food,  and explore other cultures. Read more about Car-Mart Culture.

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