Customer Will Brown sitting in his truck holding Car-Mart keychain

‘All In’ for Car-Mart

Will Brown Shares His Car-Mart Story

A former car salesperson, Will Brown knows a thing or two about buying and selling cars. So, when he discovered America’s Car-Mart he was ‘all in.’

And when he needs a new vehicle, his first stop is Car-Mart. As a customer who has purchased several vehicles at Car-Mart since 2005, Will, of Austin, Ark., has plenty of stories. “It’s like buying a car from someone in your family – no pressure, friendly, courteous,” he says.


During his first visit to Car-Mart at Rogers North, Ark., he wanted a van for his wife. The sticker [on the van] listed the price of the vehicle and the amount of the payment. Will asked if the price was negotiable. The answer was ‘no.’

“That might have turned people off, but it didn’t for me. When you look at the sticker, you know what you’re going to pay for it. You know what your interest rate will be,” says Will, who adds that other dealerships may ask the buyer what payment they want and take the negotiation from there.

“Car-Mart asks for your paystub for the last three months – no hassle, not time-consuming, no pressure, no bartering, no bickering,” says Will, a fan of used vehicles. [For more information about the car-buying process at Car-Mart, check out our blog, ‘Four Easy Steps to Car Buying and Financing at Car-Mart’].

Will and his son at dealership after purchasing his Lexus
Will and his son at the dealership after purchasing his Lexus

Will’s second Car-Mart vehicle was a Durango. Along the way, he bought a truck with 60,000 miles and when he paid it off four years later, it had 230,000 miles.

For one Car-Mart vehicle, he was two years into a three-year note. The transmission was worn, a costly situation. He called Car-Mart and they had it towed to a garage and replaced the transmission for $1,200 and made this transaction into a side note. “There’s not a dealership on the planet that will do that for you,” says Will. “These people really do care for their customers.”

Another time, the self-employed Will was running a little late in his monthly payment. But in visiting with the Car-Mart team, they re-structured his loan. “Car-Mart will do anything and everything they can to accommodate whatever you are going through,” Will remarks.

A Car-Mart family

Because his dad bought a car for each of his kids’ graduation – a total of seven children – Will is doing the same for his four kids.

Will and his dad circa 2011
Will and his dad circa 2011

He purchased a Kia Sorento for his daughter, Haven. “It was a gorgeous, green silver car. I drove it to her college, parked the car close to her dorm and when we walked on the sidewalk, I hit the unlock button. The car went ‘beep, beep.’ She asked, ‘why is that car going off?’. When I told her it was hers, she fell on the grass crying. It was a phenomenal moment,” Will smiles.

Will's son sitting in his new Lexus
Will’s son sitting in his new Lexus

It was another Kia Sorento for his other daughter, Ember. And he recently bought a Lexus for his son, Canaan, as a graduation present. He put Cannon’s name on the note so he can start building credit.

Shhh, don’t tell Journey, Will’s youngest daughter, but she’ll have a Car-Mart vehicle soon enough.

In 2019, he bought a truck – a Dodge Ram Hemi – that he still drives – and it just turned over 113,000 miles.

“I recommend Car-Mart to everybody!”

Car-Mart has always been there for Will – working with him on his payments, offering optional service contacts and standing behind their vehicles. He notes that Car-Mart has grown through the years and enhanced its status and quality of vehicles. And he appreciates Car-Mart’s numerous locations for making payments.

“I appreciate Car-Mart’s honesty – no games, no haggling.

Customer Will Brown standing by his truck and giving two thumbs up at a Car-Mart dealership
Customer Will Brown

I have always been 100% satisfied with every car purchased at Car-Mart. I’m impressed with customer service, friendliness, follow-up. They always go above and beyond – and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep me on the road,” says Will.

“Car-Mart keeps me and my family on the road by making cars easy to buy. The buying process is easy and simple. I know I can go into any Car-Mart – no hassle,” concludes Will. “If I want to go to Car-Mart today to buy or trade, I can drive off today with what I want.”

Will does claim that Car-Mart misquoted him when he said he liked Car-Mart. “I love Car-Mart,” says Will, who is all in for America’s Car-Mart!

If you’re looking for a new ride, check out America’s Car-Mart inventory today. We’re ready to help get you into a quality, used vehicle.

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