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America’s Car-Mart Is Here for You During Challenging Times

Check Out 5 Ways Car-Mart Can Help You Purchase a Used Vehicle and Keep You on the Road

Feeling the financial crunch? Has your credit score recently gone from bad to worse? If this sounds like you, America’s Car-Mart is here and ready to help. We can quickly get you into a quality, used vehicle and back on the road. We’ll get you in a vehicle and be here for you should challenging times come your way during your payment term.

Car-Mart associates greeting a customer at the dealership.
When you come to Car-Mart, we’ll greet you, show you some quality, affordable vehicles, and quickly get you on your way.

For starters, Car-Mart is an integrated auto sales and finance company, which is sometimes referred to as a ‘buy here pay here’ or ‘tote the note’, used car dealership. We not only sell the used vehicles, but we also finance the vehicles. This allows us to be more flexible when it comes to making loans, and decisions are made at the local dealership.

Once you purchase your vehicle at Car-Mart, you become part of our family. And just like family, we want you to achieve success. We offer great customer service during and after your financing term.  While you pay off your loan, we’re here for you and ready to assist you if you have any questions.

Your success with your vehicle ownership is our top priority

We offer 5 options to help get you into a vehicle and stay in your vehicle. Here’s how:

  1. Low-down payments

If you’re strapped for cash, we offer affordable down payments. We’ll customize the amount based on the vehicle you choose, the trade-in amount, and your financing amount.

  1. Trade-Ins

Husband and wife getting their keys to their new car after trading in their old car.
The best part of selling you a vehicle at Car-Mart is handing the keys to you!

Again, if you’re low on cash, you can trade in your vehicle, and it will be your down payment on your new vehicle. Also, you might consider trading in for a vehicle with lower monthly payments, or even better gas mileage. Don’t have a car to trade? No problem. We also trade for just about anything of value.

  1. Affordability of vehicles

We offer a wide variety of affordable cars, trucks, and SUVs at various price points. We’ll sit down and have a conversation about what vehicle will fit your budget.

  1. Flexible payment terms

Woman looking at Car-Mart's pay your way website page on her cell phone.
Pay Your Way – online, by phone, at the dealership, or make recurring payments with Auto Pay.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payment options that match your pay schedule. We’ll work out a payment you can afford. Overall, we will show you what it will take to buy a vehicle.

  1. Restructured vehicle payments

If you get into a bind because of unexpected emergencies and need some help with your payments, come in and talk to us. If necessary, we may modify your payment in the short term so you can stay in your vehicle.

Keeping You on the Road – Affordability is Key

We offer affordable vehicles, affordable low-down payments, and affordable payment terms. Our friendly, helpful, and compassionate associates are ready to help you and offer you peace of mind with your vehicle purchase.

Come see us! Start the car-buying process and get approved today!

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