Car-Mart General Manager Making Magic Happen

Denise Carver Talks About Her New Car-Mart Facility and Her Journey at America’s Car-Mart

“Go make magic happen.”

That was the advice Denise received when she was offered the General Manager position at America’s Car-Mart of Evansville, Ind.

Denise’s journey at Car-Mart is nothing short of magical. She started as an Account Representative in 2021 in Bowling Green East, Ky. A few months later, and because of her work ethic, positive attitude, and passion for Car-Mart, Denise was selected to join the company’s Future Manager program, where upon completion, she was named Assistant Manager in Hopkinsville, Ky.

“Everything happened and moved so quickly. I was in awe of it. I have never worked for a company that worked so fast. I learned the business, and I gave it my all,” recalls Denise, who started her role in Evansville in August 2022. Things are moving on the fast track, as she recently opened her new Car-Mart facility.

In the midst of overseeing the construction, Denise reflected on her magical Car-Mart career.

Magic in the making – Car-Mart’s new facility in Evansville

Car-Mart of Evansville at night
Car-Mart of Evansville at night

On Monday, March 6, Denise opens the doors at 5601 E. Lloyd Expressway in Evansville. “Our new facility is beautiful! It’s a brand-new store, from the ground up. I’ve worked hard for this, and my team has worked hard for this new building,” says Denise. “We love serving our customers in this new, awesome building. It’s a thrill every day.”

The lot is four-times larger, and now features nearly 100 vehicles. The bigger facility features a spacious, modern lobby for greeting customers. And the offices are larger and more functional.

“And we’re planning to grow and add more customers,” Denise says. “We’re excited, and we’re ready to go!”

Denise’s magic touch – keeping her customers on the road

Denise has compassion for her customers. She understands life happens. And she has walked in her customers’ shoes.

Denise Carver with her Mother, Annette
Denise Carver with her Mother, Annette

“I was that person, many years ago, who had a vehicle that was repossessed. I was a person who was late paying. I had people coming to my home. I understand,” says the single mom, who, at age 21, worked three jobs to support her and her two-month-old daughter, Christina, who is now 22.

In fact, Denise is motivated by Christina and her mother, Annette. They’re both big factors in Denise’s life, and it’s where she draws her strength and inspiration, which she shares with her customers.

So, with kindness and her great smile, Denise will do all she can to get her customers into vehicles. “Plus, we provide quality vehicles, and we make sure our customers have affordable payments,” adds Denise.

Working her magic at America’s Car-Mart

From account representative to general manager, Denise is proud of what she has accomplished at Car-Mart. In July 2022, Denise earned the company’s Pacesetter Award in 2022 for going above and beyond to help her associates and customers. The presenting general manager said ‘Denise is one of those people that come once in a lifetime … and greatness follows her.’

That’s high praise and a well-deserved honor for the hard-working Denise, who is quick to acknowledge the people who have helped in her journey. Her cheerleaders guided and encouraged Denise along the way. Their frequent words of encouragement – ‘your time is coming’ to ‘you’ve got this’ – continually inspire Denise to strive higher.

Denise’s best Car-Mart moment is interviewing for her current position. “I did it. I made it. I succeeded,” Denise smiles. “I am a general manager who can honestly say I’ve given my blood, sweat, and tears to Car-Mart. I’m going to be unstoppable. I’m going to rise to the top.”

Magic is happening at America’s Car-Mart

Denise Carver in front of the new Car-Mart of Evansville
Denise Carver in front of the new Car-Mart of Evansville

For Denise, there’s something special about Car-Mart. There’s a sense of pride that comes from working hard and making the most of yourself. She’s done just that at Car-Mart.

She’s confident. She’s passionate about Car-Mart. She knows the business. She knows the company’s mission, vision, and values. That’s exactly what she demonstrated in her interview [for her current job], and that’s what she exudes every day. That’s her magic.

“I take Car-Mart to heart,” smiles Denise. “And my future is big!”

Indeed, when you’re determined and set goals, you can make magic happen. She’s where she needs to be, and she’s loving every minute at Car-Mart.

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