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Four Easy Steps to Car Buying and Financing at America’s Car-Mart

Financing a quality, used vehicle is easy at America’s Car-Mart. If you have no credit, bad credit, past repossession, or bankruptcy, Car-Mart can help with financing.

When it comes to vehicle financing, America’s Car-Mart is here for you. If you have no credit, or bad credit, past repossession, or bankruptcy we can help with financing. We put our customers first and we offer a hassle-free car-buying process.

Do your homework

Do your due diligence so you can get the best deal possible. There are a few things you can do before you start the process. Know your finances and budget. Determine what you can afford. Check out our Creating a Budget blog. Know your needs as a car owner. Think about what you want versus what you need.

Shop from the comfort of your own home and look at our large selection of quality, used vehicles online at We have all makes and models – cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Dare to compare to understand the total cost of vehicle ownership and see the savings we offer compared to other dealerships. With our shorter terms and lower interest rates*, we can save you thousands of dollars in interest over the life of your loan when you buy a vehicle at Car-Mart; thus, giving you peace of mind about your vehicle purchase.

Once you’ve done your homework, it’s time to go buy your car. In just a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to owning your next new vehicle.

Four easy steps for financing and buying a vehicle at Car-Mart

1.) Apply online via Car-Mart’s credit appan african american man shopping by body style of car on his cell phone
Use our online credit app at to expedite the process. Our online application is secure, operational 24/7 and confidential. Here’s what you’ll need to provide on the app:

  • Kind of vehicle you’re looking to purchase
  • Name, contact information
  • Date of birth and social security number
  • Residence information
  • Anticipated down payment
  • Housing type and monthly payment
  • Monthly income, as well as start date

After you push the ‘submit’ button, you will receive a text message followed by a call from Car-Mart Customer Service or your local Car-Mart dealership to schedule your appointment. This text assigns a code to you for your transaction, and it outlines the items you must bring when you go to Car-Mart.

Your credit score will not be affected when you fill out an online credit application. Learn more about your credit score in our blog, Why Good Credit is Important.

What to bring to Car-Mart

2.) Test drive a vehicle
Visit your local dealership, step in, and sit down behind the steering wheel of your selected vehicle (or vehicles). Get to know your Car-Mart Sales Associate who will also get to know you and determine how we can help put you in a vehicle that fits your lifestyle and budget. Our goal is to find the car that’s right for you.

3.) Have your application reviewed and determine a payment
Be ready to talk about your personal information. We’ll look at your income and expenses and how long you’ve been in your job and at your residence. We’ll also consider anything unique to your situation.

We’ll talk about a down payment – the amount you put down towards the vehicle. We’ll customize the amount based on the vehicle you choose, trade-in amount, your financing, and any monthly promotions. We will then determine a monthly payment plan based on your income, down payment, and the vehicle price, and provide you a quote on the vehicle you have selected.

We’ll work out a payment you can afford. You can choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment options that match your pay schedule. Once all this is determined, it’s time to finalize the contract details.

The bottom line is that we will set you up for success. We’ll find a vehicle that will fit your budget. We care about our customers and their long-term success. We believe that every person deserves to get into the vehicle they want and need regardless of their financial situation.

4.) Agree to terms and drive away
Accept the keys to your new vehicle. That’s the fun part. We’ll hand you the keys and you’ll drive away in your new vehicle. And just like that, you’re part of our Car-Mart family. Plus, we are there for you after the sale and will help in any way we can.

And, when you buy at Car-Mart, you get peace of mind with our optional Service Contract Plus and Accident Protection Plan – to keep you on the road. Plus, you can Pay Your Way – auto pay, online, by phone, or in person.

Rest assured; our Car-Mart team will work with you every step of the way throughout the entire car-buying and finance process. We firmly believe everyone deserves the joy that comes from vehicle ownership, and we will make that happen for you. And we’ll provide you with peace of mind during your vehicle ownership.

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What are you waiting for? Apply today!

*Estimated Savings based on a comparison of the total amount paid during a contract with bi-weekly payments using Car-Mart’s average origination contract term (45.4 months) and interest rate (16.5% AR or 18.0% US) versus the total amount paid during a contract using industry averages for contract term (62.95 months) and interest rate (20.62%). Source of industry data: Q4 2022 Experian State of the Automotive Finance Market Deep Subprime (FICO Score 500 or less) Industry Average.

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