Aaliyah Duncan, Car-Mart Sales Associate, helped customer Felicia Kohler and her family purchase a vehicle.

From Hardship to Hope: Felicia Kohler’s Inspiring Journey to Secure a Family Vehicle at America’s Car-Mart

Felicia’s Journey to a Vehicle at America’s Car-Mart

Felicia Kohler’s life is far from easy. As a single mother of five children and someone who has experienced homelessness in the past, she has still, more recently, faced numerous challenges.

Despite obstacles, Felicia always looks for ways to have fun with her kids. During winter, when the temperature dropped to 30 degrees, Felicia had to walk her two youngest children to school and daycare. To make this experience more positive, they sang, ‘The ants go marching one by one…’ When it was time to finalize her vehicle purchase at America’s Car-Mart of Valdosta, Ga., she wanted to make it special for all of her children.

On the morning of their big day, she surprised her kids with the promise of a scavenger hunt after school. They were excited and assumed they were getting a new dog.

Upon arriving at Car-Mart, the final destination of their scavenger hunt, they saw the red bow on a 2017 Dodge Journey and immediately knew it was their great surprise. Even though it wasn’t a dog, the kids were ecstatic about their family’s new vehicle. It was jubilation all around.

Felicia’s journey to secure a vehicle for her family

It’s been a long and challenging journey for Felicia and her family. Overcoming hardship is nothing new to Felicia. Six years ago, they were homeless, living in a hotel and then a local shelter. More recently, getting herself to work and her kids to school was a struggle, and she often relied on a car service.

When customer Felicia Kohler needed a vehicle for her family, she went to America’s Car-Mart of Valdosta, Ga.
When customer Felicia Kohler needed a vehicle for her family, she went to America’s Car-Mart of Valdosta, Ga.

They’ve had a vehicle over the past few years; then, they didn’t have one. Through all these tribulations, Felicia was reluctant to finance a vehicle.

“It’s hard making payments and supporting a big family by myself,” says Felicia, mom to Yelena, 15; Giselle, 14; Emma, 12; Journei, 8; and Nathan, 2.

When Felicia decided it was time to purchase a car, she knew she could rely on Car-Mart based on a previous positive experience with Car-Mart. “Knowing Car-Mart helped me then, I knew they would help me now,” says Felicia.

 “When I went to Car-Mart, they warmly welcomed me. The car-buying process was smooth, easy, and quick. They helped me get approved and worked with me on a payment plan to fit my budget.”

“Aaliyah, in particular, was amazing,” Felicia continues. “She made it happen for me.”

“I can relate to Felicia’s story since my mom faced similar circumstances. I understand how hard it is from a kid’s perspective, and I can only imagine how challenging it is from a parent’s perspective,” says Aaliyah Duncan, Sales Associate. “Felicia’s family deserves happiness after everything they have overcome. I did everything I could to help her find a vehicle. I put my all into the sale.”

Yet, Felicia was nervous walking into Car-Mart. She was thinking about her dislike for car payments and aversion to vans, which were all that seemed to be available on the lot upon arrival. To her surprise, Car-Mart had a Dodge Journey with a dark interior being prepared for the lot, a perfect fit for anyone with kids.

After taking it for a test drive, Felicia was convinced this was the car for her. “I drove it around for a while to make sure and immediately felt this vehicle was a blessing for my family. I was ready to purchase my new family vehicle,” she says.

She also purchased Car-Mart’s optional service contract to cover unforeseen mechanical emergencies. “I’ve had vehicles that have broken down while traveling with my kids or vehicles that were very unreliable,” says Felicia. “This plan seems to have everything. If anything big happens, it’s taken care of. and that is nothing short of a great peace of mind.”

Customer Felicia Kohler was elated when she received the keys to her new vehicle that she purchased at America’s Car-Mart of Valdosta, Ga.
Customer Felicia Kohler was elated when she received the keys to her new vehicle that she purchased at America’s Car-Mart of Valdosta, Ga.

“Car-Mart’s approval rating is higher than that of other used car dealerships,” adds Felicia. “At other dealerships, you have to have a certain credit score or make a high down payment. Car-Mart works with you, and whatever they have to do to help you, they’ll do it. And I have always admired this about Car-Mart.”

Having a vehicle is a game-changer for Felicia

Felicia is grateful to Car-Mart for helping her purchase a used vehicle. She now has the freedom to better care for her family, pursue her passions, and take advantage of new opportunities. “I’m blessed to have a vehicle that helps me and my family,” she says.

“Getting into a vehicle is life-changing for many people, and I’m grateful I was a part of Felicia and her family’s experience,” concludes Aaliyah. “At Car-Mart, helping people is what we do.”

If you’re credit-challenged, low on cash, and desperately need a vehicle, come to America’s Car-Mart. We can help – with affordable, quality, used vehicles. Plus, low-down payments and flexible payment terms. Start your journey by getting pre-qualified today.

Giving Hope to Others

Felicia Kohler, since overcoming hardships, is now committed to helping in her community. She has established a non-profit organization, HOPE in Action South Georgia, which provides aid to underprivileged youth and the homeless. It uplifts and motivates teenagers in need through service. HOPE stands for ‘Homeless Outreach, Prevention, and Education.’

Learn more about Felicia and HOPE in Action from this WALB 10 News Newsclip.

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