Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month at America’s Car-Mart

Rebecca Canada Reflects on Her Heritage

Rebecca Canada, Administrative Assistant at America’s Car-Mart of Fayetteville, AR

Hispanic Heritage Month is commemorated from September 15 to October 15. It’s a time to reflect, celebrate and honor the rich diversity of the histories, traditions, music, food and so much more of our Hispanic cultures and their contributions to the U.S.

At America’s Car-Mart, we celebrate the contributions of our Hispanic associates to our company and communities. We are proud to introduce you to Rebecca Canada, Car-Mart of Fayetteville, Ark. She has graciously shared about her heritage, Car-Mart career and family.

Rebecca knew Car-Mart was the right spot for her when, during a leave of absence for illness in 2017, communications and support from Car-Mart never stopped. “This is a family and where I need to be,” she says. “You don’t find people like this.” She worked as an Account Representative and Customer Service Representative before assuming her current position as Administrative Assistant.

The family-oriented Rebecca, and her husband, Ben, have four daughters – Cheltzie, Anieza, Myra and Newlyn; son – Jeremiah; and one grandson – Timothy, Junior. Cheltzie and Jeremiah also work at Car-Mart. And she’s teaching her grandson to speak Spanish.

Here’s more from Rebecca, whose grandparents immigrated from Mexico.

What does your Hispanic heritage mean to you? What makes you most proud of your culture?

Rebecca Canada and her family
Rebecca Canada and her family.

To me, it means unity. I’m proud our culture teaches us family values, and that our traditions are passed on from generation to generation.

Especially Christmas we emphasize family. We also follow the tradition in celebrating our daughters’ 15th birthdays with quinceaneras that mark their passage from girlhood to womanhood. This teaches them to value themselves and lets them know we are there for them, and we love them.

What are some of your favorite Hispanic traditions?

I love how we celebrate the Day of Children (June 11) where we make a full emphasis on our kids. It’s not about buying them things but being present with them. It’s all about them. My family and I will go on a picnic or have a movie night.

I also enjoy Three Kings Day (Jan.6) that celebrates the day in which the three wise men visit baby Jesus after his birth. It’s a day of unity and family. I take this day off from work to be with my family. My kids get a gift. We cook traditional foods and a round cake. Whoever gets the baby doll – tucked inside the cake – hosts the next gathering.

Why is Hispanic Heritage Month important to you? How will you celebrate?

Personally, I’m American, I was born in the United States but a least for one month, it doesn’t matter what origin you come from we are ALL Hispanic, we are all one united front.

On September 16, which is Mexican Independence Day, I’ll cook a meal for my family. I’ll make something my grandmother would make or whatever the family requests. We’ll play music and dance around the house. Plus, during the month, we’ll enjoy the local festivals.

What’s your favorite Hispanic food?

If I go by culture. For Salvadorian food, my favorite is pupusa. For Puerto Rican, it’s fried plantains. And chicken mole or tamale for Mexican. I like to cook – anything. I love being in the kitchen. It’s my alone time.

What’s your favorite Hispanic music:

Anything with rhythm. No favorites.

What can we do to create a more inclusive world?

Everyone needs to be aware, get informed and be respectful of and celebrate our differences. We’re all people. Know that every voice matters.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re proud to celebrate our own Associates of America’s Car-Mart.

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