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KBecks Transport and Car-Mart Provide Toys and Smiles to Area Children

When It Comes to Kids, KBecks and Kevin Becker Are All In

Kevin Becker, President of KBecks Transport, and his company are partnering with America’s Car-Mart to help make our 2022 Holiday Toy Drive bigger and better. Kevin’s company is donating $10,000 to be used for all kinds of toys.

“I’m a kid person, to begin with. Anything that deals with children – sports, music, dance – I’ll do whatever I can do to help children better themselves,” Kevin says. “And the pediatric hospitals have been dealt a tough hand. So, if I can put a smile on a child’s or a parent’s face for just a moment, I’m willing to make it happen.”

KBecks 2021 Toy Donation
KBecks 2021 Toy Donation

“Plus, the hospitals need help. With Covid, there are not enough donations for pediatric fund-raisers,” continues Kevin. “We truly believe in this worthy initiative, and even though we’re a Car-Mart vendor, we live the values of Car-Mart, and that means giving back to the communities we serve.”

In 2021, KBecks donated 2,300 toys with their $3,500 donation. “Anything that has to do with children, we’re all for it,” says Kevin. “We work hard and want to make sure kids have a good Christmas.”

KBecks cares and shares

KBecks has a strong tradition of supporting its communities through partnerships, donations and volunteerism. When the tornados whipped through Kentucky, Kevin and his wife, Karen, bought supplies for Car-Mart associates affected by the tornadoes.

child lying in hospital bed and a nurse giving him a presentKBecks also donated 16,000 bottles of water to those volunteers and community members in Bowling Green, KY. And his company donated food and supplies to a child hospitalized in Ohio with Ovarian Cancer. “We’ve been touched by these things, and we want to give back to families in need,” says Kevin.

“We’re excited to be a part of a great thing for children, and we’re happy to partner with Car-Mart,” he continues. “It’s a wonderful relationship, and we look forward to many more years to help with the Car-Mart toy drive.”

About KBecks Transport

When you see a KBecks truck, you may just see a Car-Mart vehicle. KBecks transports many of the cars purchased by Car-Mart to sell to customers. Located in Jackson’s Gap, AL, KBecks has been in business since 2014 and has transported vehicles for Car-Mart since 2019.

Kevin hopes to bring one of his big rigs to deliver toys to some lucky hospital. “Some have probably never seen a semi-truck up close, so we’d love to have them tour the cab,” Kevin concludes. “Wouldn’t that be fun!”

Thanks to KBecks for their awesome participation in our Holiday Toy Drive. We appreciate all you’re doing to put smiles on children’s faces!

Get Involved with our Holiday Toy Drive – Share the Joy, Give a Toy

For sponsorship opportunities with Car-Mart’s toy drive, contact Veronica Lynch at marketing@car-mart. If you want to donate a toy or two, drop them off at your nearest Car-Mart before Saturday, December 3.

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