Robert and Karla Cope with their chihuahua, Honey, standing in front of their truck at Car-Mart of Greenville, TX

Keeping our Customers on the Road

It’s What We Do

In his own words:

“I have purchased two pickups from Greenville Car-Mart and have been completely satisfied over the years. Car-Mart, Angela, and Jarrod have been awesome to my wife and me for over three years now. They’ve been courteous and polite. And, they went above beyond for us when our home burned, and they drove 30 miles to give us replacement keys (after originals burned in-home) at no charge. Plus, they offered us payment arrangements in a disastrous time. We are definitely Car-Mart customers forever!!!

Robert and daughter TonyaAnd, I just took our daughter to Greenville and had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman named Tom. Very nice, professional, and courteous. My daughter is very happy with her SS Chevrolet!!! I must admit Dad liked it, too!!! Way to go, Greenville Car-Mart and team!!! I am a hard customer to please, but they won me and my family!!! God Bless everyone and thank you!!!”

Robert’s story

Although skeptical of America’s Car-Mart at first, Robert decided to give the buy here pay here dealership a chance. And, he hasn’t looked back.

In 2017, Robert remembers a $300 down payment special at Car-Mart of Greenville, Texas that piqued his interest. That promotion led to Robert’s first Car-Mart vehicle – a 2010 Ranger pick-up. After a year, he sold that truck, so he returned to Car-Mart for his second vehicle – a 2018 Mitsubishi pick-up.

And because Robert was impressed with the vehicles and service he received from Car-Mart, he took his daughter, Tonya, to Car-Mart. He knew the Car-Mart team would take care of her. Tonya bought a 2009 Super Sport Chevrolet.

Tragedy strikes the Cope family

Tragedy struck early one morning in July 2019 when Robert’s home in Wills Point, Texas burned to the ground. As the smoke thickened inside the house, Bob and his wife, Karla, ran through flames to escape the fire. They barely escaped along with their Chihuahua, Honey.The Cope's house after the fire

Nothing was left. Nothing was salvageable from the house – a place they called home for five years.

“We just left. Keys, cell phones, wallets, everything,” remembers Robert, who added that since they live out in the country it took the fire department six hours to get to the house. “We were lucky to escape alive. We lost everything.”

The fire also melted the back end of his truck, but it was drivable. Robert called Angela Selzer, General Manager at Car-Mart of Greenville, with the news of his fire. That same day she arranged for a Car-Mart associate to drive 30 miles to give them an extra set of keys. After all, the Cope’s needed transportation. And thankfully, Robert had purchased Car-Mart’s Payment Protection Plan, so his truck was covered by that plan.

Robert Cope standing by his truck“Car-Mart went the extra mile,” says Robert. “They worked with us and helped us figure out our payments. ‘Anything we can do to help,’ that’s what Angela said. That came from the heart and that means a lot to me. That’s when Car-Mart won my business. They were there for me.”

“We offered to help with anything and everything,” says Angela. “Robert and Karla didn’t need to stress about their vehicle.”

“Everyone at Car-Mart has bent over backward to help us,” Robert says.

Yes, to Car-Mart

Absolutely, Robert recommends Car-Mart for the place to buy quality, used vehicles. The people are friendly. He likes the average 30-month payout plan, as well as the vehicle service contracts.

“I’m a tough cookie to please, especially in cars. My dad retired from General Motors, so I know a thing or two,” smiles Robert. “I’m a car guy. I like the way Car-Mart is set up. They’re friendly. I’m established there. It’s like, ‘which one do you want?’”Robert and Karla Cope with their chihuahua, Honey, standing with Car-Mart of Greenville General Manager, Angela Selzer

“It doesn’t really feel like a dealership. We love the people there and everyone is nice. They like us. We’re on a first-name basis. When we pull up, they know who we are. It’s a wonderful relationship,” Robert continues. “We work hard to be good customers. We try to be perfect on our payments and have been for several years.”

“We love having Robert and Karla as customers,” Angela says. “They’re always courteous. They’re incredibly positive people. When they come in, they bring their positivity, even through their fire. They’re simply a pleasure.”

Robert Cope standing in front of the Car-Mart of Greenville dealership giving two thumbs upPart of the Car-Mart Family

When Robert pays off his Mitsubishi pick-up, he plans to go to Car-Mart for his next vehicle.

“I hope we get the chance to sell Robert another vehicle,” says Angela. “And, I hope he sends me many more customers. It’s just a pleasure to have Robert and part of our Car-Mart family.”

“It’s like I’m coming home to my family. I know if I see something I like I let them know,” Robert says.

“Robert makes it easy for us to do things the Car-Mart way. People like Robert and Karla – they’re the reason we do what we do,” concludes Angela. “It makes us happy to help them.”

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